Zelensky Exposes Delusional Donald Trump

According to the Hill, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took the opportunity on Sunday to respond to former President Trump’s bold claims that he could swiftly end the war in Ukraine if elected to the White House. Zelensky, in an interview with Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week,” expressed appreciation for the desire to bring an end to the conflict but emphasized that such a desire must be grounded in real-life experience.



Zelensky reminded Trump that Ukraine had already experienced a state of war, albeit not a full-scale war, and during that time, Trump had ample opportunities to make a difference. However, Zelensky suggested that the former president must have had other priorities at the time. He tactfully hinted that ending the war by sacrificing Ukrainian territories was not an acceptable solution, even if it meant a speedy resolution. Zelensky implied that even President Biden could have achieved a quick resolution by forcing Ukraine to cede its territories, but it would not align with their principles.

“It seems to me that the sole desire to bring the war to an end is beautiful,” Zelensky told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week” through a translator. “But this desire should be based on some real-life experience. Well, it looks as if Donald Trump had already these 24 hours once in his time. We were at war, not a full-scale war, but we were at war, and as I assume, he had that time at his disposal, but he must have had some other priorities.”

“If we are talking about ending the war at the cost of Ukraine, in other words to make us give up our territories, well, I think, in this way, Biden could have brought it to an end even in five minutes, but we would not agree,” he added.


Trump has been consistent in his claims that he possesses the ability to end the Russia-Ukraine war within a mere 24 hours. His previous statements praising Russian President Vladimir Putin have only added fuel to the fire, leading critics, including former Vice President Mike Pence, to denounce Trump’s admiration for a leader involved in such conflicts.

When Zelensky was asked about the concerns of some Americans who feel that the United States has already provided enough support to Ukraine, he responded by emphasizing Ukraine’s desire to win the war on its own merit. Zelensky dismissed the notion of excessive appetites among Ukrainians, stating that their victory was the ultimate goal. He conveyed that when Ukraine has enough resources to secure victory, then and only then would it be considered “enough.”

Zelensky’s response demonstrates his commitment to the well-being and sovereignty of Ukraine. While acknowledging the desire for a swift end to the war, he also highlights the importance of making decisions based on real-life experiences and principles. By rejecting compromises that would jeopardize Ukrainian territories, Zelensky asserts the need for a lasting solution that ensures Ukraine’s independence and self-determination.

Harrison Carter
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