Zelina Vega shares how 9/11 changed her life following the death of her father

17 years ago today saw an event that would change the world forever, especially New York City. That event was incredibly personal for one WWE star, Zelina Vega, whose father was at the World Trade Center that fateful Tuesday, based on the 103rd floor of the North Tower, which is above where the planes impacted.



Her father, Miguel Tinidad, sadly passed away but before that was able to call his ex-wife and also speak to the step-father of his children, entrusting him with the responsibility of loving and protecting his son and daughter as if they were his own.

In the interview below, Renee Young speaks to Zelina about that day, and she reveals the guilt she felt for years not asking to say goodbye to Miguel herself, as well as how every time she steps into the ring to entertain us, she remembers.

Never forget.

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