Ziggler Says He Will Steal the Show Tonight, Talks Being a Heel and More

AMNY.com did a feature with Dolph Ziggler to promote tonight’s show. Here are some highlights:



What is your role in “Raw’s” 1,000th episode?
I don’t exactly know what my role will be. Here’s what we know going forth: Everything WWE does is big and monumental. We’ve got Brock Lesnar, The Rock, D-Generation X, Mick Foley, plus maybe hundreds of other past superstars … coming back. And we also have a wedding. As you know, all weddings in WWE history go off without a hitch and there won’t be a problem [laughs]. Just don’t bring a toaster, because that’s what I’m getting [them] as a gift.

Do you think that this episode will raise your profile with all everything going on?
When that show ends, people will say, “I came to see those guys, but I remember what Dolph Ziggler did. He went out there and did what he said he would do: He found a way to steal the show, even on a star-studded card like that.”

What’s your favorite “Raw” memory?
I was with the Spirit Squad and I went away. And I worked so hard to become a superstar, and when I came back, my first match was against Batista. We ended up having a great back-and-forth match.

What is the key to being an effective bad guy?
I think the personas that work out the most are the ones that come natural to people: I love doing what I do better than everybody else, but I’m sure as hell not humble about it. I let people know.

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