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Drew McIntyre Returns Home, Santino Marella’s Latest, Mike Knox, Mickie vs. Melina

– R-Truth and Little Jimmy are featured on the latest episode of Santino Marella’s Foreign Exchange:

– Mickie James vs. Melina has been announced for the WWC Aniversario 2012 in Puerto Rico. The match will take place on the June 30th show in Bayamon. Other shows include June 29th in Ponce and July 1st in San German.

– Former WWE star Mike Knox has returned to wrestling and is now taking bookings via

– Drew McIntyre returned home for Saturday’s SmackDown live event in Glasgow, Scotland. Drew worked as a babyface and teamed with Booker T to defeat the team of Mark Henry and Christian. Drew talked about his love of Scotland and gave a shout-out to his family sitting in the crowd. Drew and Booker did the spin-a-rooni after the match.

  • Dang

    Mickie James vs Melina ?
    Classic Battle.
    Let’s see WWE vs WWC,who control and make this match better.Hope it’s will happen on Impact Wrestling for Knockout’s Champion

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    truth is still very over though..they just dont give him tv time for some reason…..maybe something to do with drugs???lol

  • JayHawk

    CC os right there has to be a build up or good storyline to turn someone face or heel and the storylines going now aren’t really that good. Drew does need a change but turning him and making him face would probably just bury him he needs to get into a long feud with someone to get him over. Plus these days fans cheer heels of they don’t like who they are wrestling ie cena vs anyone that is a heel. Look at r truth he is way better heel then face they turned him and now he is doing want?

  • kane

    mickie vs melina? that has to be the most bootylicious match of the year. which i could see that one.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    I totally agree, face and heel turns wouldnt have gotten them over MORE, but in the case of swagger it was in the cards but they missed out. When cole slapped him and he was gonna go ape-shit, the fans were kind of behind swagger. It could have been the beginning of a new, fresh beginning for swagger. Vicki being his manager now is doing nothing for him whatsoever, and neither is the geek haircut…lol

  • SheepDog

    loves reading what all the ‘experts’ think, to know soo much without working a day in the industry is quite somthing!

    #barr sheep barr…

  • CC

    I dont think face and heel turns will necessarily help any of those guys get over anymore. With Swagger, he has already been a world champion, and nobody gave a shit because his promos were so fucking dull. Riley was pushed way too soon, and in my opinion, is not main event material.
    McIntyre on the other hand, seriously needs a character overhaul. The whole thing with his constant losing should have lead to something, but once he was rehired, his whole angle was seemingly completely forgotten about instead of pushing forward with it.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    wwe should have turned drew face a while back. With the right storyline he could be a big name player in the future. They also missed when they didnt turn swagger face during the michael cole storyline last year, and also they have missed with alex riley.
    WWE dropped the ball on all 3 of these superstars. If they want to create new top tier talent they have to smarten up!!!!!