Biden Reads Teleprompter Wrong In Sad Video

President Joe Biden has once again suffered another embarrassing defeat at the hands of a teleprompter. On Wednesday, Biden had another mishap with the teleprompter while dropping remarks during a campaign stop in Wisconsin. The president read a cue word out loud, saying “last name.”



It has been noted that the blunder occurred when he was delivering an alleged story about his Catholic school theology professor in front of an audience at the president’s ceremony highlighting Microsoft’s new multibillion-dollar AI center, which is part of Biden’s Investing in America initiative.

“My theology professor at the Catholic school I went to was a guy named Riley last name, and he had been drafted by the Green Bay Packers and he decided to become a priest,” said Biden.

A video clip of Biden’s teleprompter fumble surfaced on social media and it certainly raised common questions about Biden’s cognitive health and readiness to serve another term in the White House.

Individuals raised questions that if he would be mentally fit to debate former President Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, considering he had a similar mishap a few weeks ago while speaking at a trade union conference in Washington, DC.

This marks the president’s fourth visit to the battleground Midwest state and as per The Hill, recent polling shows Biden being behind his top political rival, Donald Trump, by a little more than three points.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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