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Nia Jax replies curtly to fan who said she is a terrible wrestler

Nia Jax currently has a lot of heat on her, owing to injuring Becky Lynch. She made Becky miss Survivor Series due to a broken nose and concussion. Fans clearly hate her right now, as was apparent at Survivor Series. Nia even has heat backstage due to all the injuries she has caused.

A fan on Twitter said to Nia Jax “you weren’t booed tonight because you are a “heel”, you were booed tonight because you are a terrible wrestler…and you punch people in the face.”

To this, Nia would give a short reply, saying ”Okay… your point??”

For the time being, WWE is clearly concerned with getting as much heat on Nia as possible. She is likely to face Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship next.

  • She knows that she is a gross whale. That’s why she took out on her anger on the angel that is Becky Lynch. And can we all agree that she’s not the irresistible force? She’s clearly the immovable object.

  • oppa

    She’s being a heel. Nothing will keep heat on her more than her saying that she can’t wrestle but is still more dominate and can be the future because of how strong she is. Just like with comments about her weight and being related to The Rock, if she says so what to it, most people who troll her can’t answer it back. They expect her to cry about it and to get some sick satisfaction from it.

  • CC

    Not really much of an answer as usually when someone says “Ok, your point is?” it means they are actually agreeing with what is said and that they do not see it as a bad thing.
    So is she agreeing that she is a terrible wrestler?