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A “Different” Look for The Undertaker?

– No confirmation if this is a legitimate photo or not, but could this be a new look for the Undertaker?

Discuss below…

  • He looked really bad on RAW. (appearance)

  • aircon

    he looks like hes just come out of hospital

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    Somebody stretched Uncle Fester!

  • he is not the dead man……………………………….

  • wwf ruled..

    undertaker looks are “THE most important” for his characterisation….he should come back with the looks he had during the ministry for one last time..whatever said & done he has been wrestling for more than 20 years and may be for one last time wwe should provide him with a worthy opponent at wrestlemania..may be y2j…otherwise i can’t see anyone around…nevertheless my dream match would always be undertaker vs angle at wrestlemania although i know it wont happen..but what a legend he is …what a great ambassador for the wrestling world he has been..he has been carrying this responsibility for so many years..HATS OFF..

  • U ain’t Awesome

    He looks like kane

  • Matt

    lloyd was bald in wfrr.

  • Bill

    @evilangel, wait, the first movie that comes to mind for Christopher Lloyd is Who Framed Roger Rabbit? What about Back To The Future? I know this has nothing to to with wrestling, but still. I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m just surprised a bit with your comment. As for Taker, I could see him growing the hair back before his return. I mean, I wouldn’t want to live with that hair if it wasn’t part of my job(I’m assuming he has to keep his hair long for WWE when he’s wrestling as the Deadman, unless he’s getting a gimmick change).

  • Gary

    honestly, wtf does it matter, you know this guy has been wrestling fr 27 years, get over it, everyone gets ‘older’

  • Matt

    It is not him because the tattoe on his left arm stops just where the elbow starts and if you look at other pictures of the Undertaker, he has tattoes all over his arm.

  • damn123

    you all are pretty stupid. this is most likely taker. and someone probably used that stupid instagram program or whatever it is that is on the iphone and did the effects to the picture.

  • josh

    Should play a grim reaper character

  • Regina

    If that truely is the Undertaker it makes one wonder why the hell he went bald looking 20 years older than he is and two, when he comes back it coulden’t be as the deadman right? maybe another spin on the american badass or some other Undertaker “twist” now? still if it is him he is still a badass but the pic just makes him look elderly.

  • max

    If this really is Undertaker i would like to Thank him for all the years and amazing matches he gave us. It clearly shows the punishment his body has taken over the years. It should mean just as much to every wrestling fan knowing that he didn’t have to look like that. Taker has been very well finanically stable for years now. He could’ve stopped performing years ago. Had he done so his body and health would’ve been way better than it is now. i hope he can retire as 20 – 0. If he does wrestle at Mania i hope no one cheers against him. I think we all owe him that much.

  • Teran

    Well at least now we can legit call him the Deadman ho looks so fuckin old.

    Fuck it he’s still the man.

  • Stumpy

    According to a friend of mine, this is real. His cousin, who works for an online wrestling site, took this in a vintage style setting on his camera. Apparently Taker is waiting at an airport in Vegas for his wife. No clues as to why he is bald but he said it is definitely him.

  • max

    why does the picture look all wierd, it looks like it was taken in the 1970’s with the older cameras? was this picture scanned into a computer then uploaded these sites? what kind of camera’s still get pictures developed with those kinds of edges? all the pictures i’ve ever taken come out with sharp edges, like a square.

  • DZ

    That is the undertaker, the photo is an instagram photo, it takes black and makes it a lot darker. If you look at the tat on his arm and than a recent picture of his arm, you can see the wings and the swirl to to the right of his wrist.

    It is most definitely him, I’m wondering if his Semi-Retirement is due to chemo for cancer.

  • Shadow Stepper

    erm…… that kinda looks like the undertaker but the tattoos on his arms are to fresh hmm…..

  • shane

    he is starting to look like sting without make up. they should put some face paint on taker to help him not look as old. this long in the business is making him look long in the tooth.

  • OD2

    He Look Just Like Walter White From Breaking Bad With The Hat And Glasses. Cool !!!

  • Soulshroude

    I am confused. Over exposure is only caused by crappy cameras. Today’s cameras do not have that exhibitted with them. The photo is a fake. All cameras save for the 10 dollars travellers cameras that Europians use are 100% digital quality.

  • Quintin

    I want to see the aba taker one more time at mania i think that would look EPIC

  • iiWWE

    Taker with dog tags ?

  • Steve

    lmao, you all act like he won’t be able to grow his hair back in time for Wrestlemania, which is still around 9 months away. Wow….

  • russ

    just a few words “Pain Killers are a bitch!” sums up his looks

  • shane

    It is not him because Mark ‘ Undertaker’ Callaway has a M C M tattooed on his left arm by his wrist. He got those when he married Michelle McCool a couple years ago. Plus he would not got bald if he returning around summerslam sometime.

  • kurt angle

    ugly pic of taker

  • M.O.P.

    Haha I just remembered when he was ‘Mean Mark’ back in the day teaming up with Sid and teddy long as their manager

  • donners

    for those of you that have said it’s a ‘new look’ for taker, have you ever considered that he’s just had a haircut and that maybe, just maybe, it will have grown back a fair bit in the 7-or-so months until wm?

    things like hair growth happen you know…. and that’s if it’s actually him.

  • White mark

    Spotted haha. The American Ranga

  • Joe

    Maybe it’s a movie role…..I know I know the likelihood of that is less than 5% probably but hey I haven’t heard anyone else throw that out there lol. If it’s a legit photo then I have to say it’s time for my favorite wrestler to call it a career. As much as I would love to see him continue, if this is real, it’s time

  • john

    I bet my Life He will Come Back As the AMERICAN BADASS W/ MOTORCYCLE!!!

  • Darren-Jay

    Damn, He kinda reminds me of Hardcore Holly.. wierd.

  • Treg

    46 looking like he’s in his 60’s? Wow, just like Raven.

  • lazlo woodbine

    A wee beard and he can come out looking like Lenin’s embalmed corpse.

  • ML

    Doesn’t even look like him to me,his build,tats look different….I don’t think it’s him.

  • The Anti Cena

    Does anyone else notice that he seems to have put on some weight?

  • K Roy


    thanks for pointing out who christopher lloyd is…just an fyi, if you are trying to make a funny pop culture reference, it kind of takes away the humour when you have to explain who that person is in the same sentence…


  • shawn

    i was just thinking about this man! good to see him again. and he doesn’t look 60 to me, he looks like his age considering his fair skin. i want to know if hes coming back at all never mind coming back a month or2 b4 WM28. i think he should so some wont think his returns are stale being exclusive to WM28. if he can of course.

  • adam tarasievich

    He might try the ABA again one more time before he leaves. THe last theme he had for it was pretty bad ass. IDK if he would come out with the bike anymore but it could happen.


    He looks like Christopher lloyd. The bad guy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  • Thestar

    maybe his coming back as ABA undertaker?

  • Thestar

    steve have to agree lol

  • Steve

    At least he and Kane really look like brothers now. lol

  • higny

    plenty of time for his hair to grow back to a decent length again. How long did it take last time? 6 months?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I hope this is fake… If not, his hair definitely needs to grow back before Mania.

  • Veggie

    Taker got Sara’s name removed years ago.

  • venom


    Taker got that tattoo removed since the divorce with Sarah.

  • bill

    not taker taker has sarah’s name across his throat

  • wAnxTa

    Looks badass nonetheless.

  • A.J

    @giantthinker Ofcourse i know that he is a human. but the long hair style made him look abit younger this doenst make him look younger at all this makes him look 10 years older

  • venom

    Yea, I saw this picture yesterday. I was sad to see this picture. It is going to be strange to see him wrestle at Wrestlemania 28 with this new look.

  • Bill

    Looks kinda like ABA Undertaker to me…..

  • Pissed Off Fan =[

    God! Taker looks like hes 60, not 46 lol But whatever! I think it would be cool if he came back with his devil looking beard and long hair like he was in the 90s with the Ministry for Mania. Prob not thos from this pic..

    One can only dream…….

  • higny

    god this website is slow, that was up on other websites 2 days ago

  • mcmax

    he’s 46. looks 66 in this picture

  • rocky sucks

    he’s really a legend but he needs to retire as soon as possible{put him in a triple threat with cena and the rock at mania and let him win couse’ non of them will agree to put over the other one}.

  • gianthinker

    Thats him. And yes he looks old because he is. God forbid he wears a had, tshirt and jeans while he’s not wrestling. You do realize his real name is Mark and the Undertaker is a character right? lol

  • Prince

    Wow, he looks really, really old.

  • Ray

    I don’t think that’s even him. The tattoos on his arm look too fresh. Taker’s are faded.

  • A.J

    Well he looked a bit younger with his long hair but now he just looks really old.