Fox Host Says Trump Going To Jail Because…

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce predicted that former President Donald Trump will go to jail but added that voters would sympathize with him.



During a Thursday episode of “Outnumbered,” the panel discussed the potential for Trump to increase his support even in the face of a criminal conviction. Trump is currently facing criminal charges in a New York court for allegedly falsifying business records related to hush money payments during the 2016 election. He also faces three other indictments across different jurisdictions, including charges related to his handling of classified materials and his attempts to overturn the 2020 election. These cases are currently held up in appeals courts.

Bruce shared her predictions with co-host Emily Compagno, stating that Trump could end up in jail either for violating his gag order from Judge Juan Merchan or as a result of a criminal conviction:

BRUCE I’ve been saying this, I think, for over a year now here on this show and other places, the support is baked in regardless of what happens. When we saw Mar-A-Lago and that insane raid and the police cars at night and going into his house, the American people saw something deeply unfair. And it was, you know, I love Senator Scott’s word engineered. So we’re seeing an engineer dynamic, and it is unfair. It is. It also embodies everything that Trump has been saying. That has been the other dynamic, that there is two tiers, that the system is unfair, that they go after people, it’s weaponized, and all of that has been proven out. So if they’re willing to do that at Mar-A-Lago and they’re willing to do 91 indictments, and the support wasn’t just that it stayed. It increased. I anticipate that they’ll put him in jail. I anticipate everything and my support increases because now it’s it is engineered. It’s a game. It’s not something you trust. And that then ripples into everyone’s opinion about the justice system, from their town to their city to their state to the federal government. It is an obscene thing that they’re doing to this country, making everyone distrust everyone else. Yes, of course, defund the police. And there’s crime everywhere. But now the message is we are in control of everything. If we do this to him, we’re doing it to you. So sit down and shut up and take it. The American people in November are going to make a statement. And it’s they’re not acquiescing to this. And that’s why the support continues.

COMPAGNO: Quick clarification. When you say you predict they’ll put them in jail for violating the gag order, or do you predict-

BRUCE: They’ll find something! Maybe the gag order, even if he is in jail. We have to anticipate with everything they’ve done, they will go to the furthest point.

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