AEW Star Had Affair With WWE Legend’s Wife

Former WWE Superstar ‘Big Show’ Paul Wight shocked the entire pro wrestling world after revealing that he signed with AEW back on February 24th of last year before Revolution. It came as a shock as no one expected him to leave WWE for AEW, many considering him as a WWE-lifer. Jim Ross’ embarrassing Big Show botch was also leaked previously. 



During a 2020 episode of The Bolin Alley, Kenny Bolin and his son Chris discussed Jim Cornette’s situation for well over an hour. They confirmed that the accusations against Cornette are practically all true.

“Yes I was aware, and people ask me why didn’t I say anything? Well, number one it wasn’t my place to say anything number two anyone who would say something I would think anyone getting lured into this would be the one to say something.”

Chris Bolin noted that the reason why nobody “batted an eye” about Jim Cornette’s personal life is because it’s not so strange in comparison to the rest of the pro wrestling business. There are dark stories all over, and Jim Cornette and his wife “swinging” didn’t fall into the category of “crazy stuff” that is hard to believe. It seems bad outside the wrestling business, but not inside it.

Kenny Bolin went on to claim that Jim Cornette’s wife had “already been with The Big Show before she met Jimmy.” Bolin then commented that he’s seen “Big Show naked smoking a cigarette and that’s not a pretty sight, all I know is that any girl he’s been with that’s not my territory.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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