AEW Wrestler Makes Bold John Cena Claim

AEW star Jungle Boy was featured on the post show of this week’s AEW Dynamite special: Blood and Guts, alongside commentator Tony Schiavone. He then went on to speak about a match involving former WWE star John Cena.



Jungle Boy reveals his favourite match

During the show, one of the fans had asked about the favourite match that he witnessed. He said that the TLC match between WWE Hall of Famer Edge and John Cena at Unforgiven back in 2006 was his favourite one. Triple H ‘Turned Down’ WWE Diva For Looks

He said:

“I would say the match I remember the most when I was at my peak into being a fan of wrestling was John Cena vs Edge at Unforgiven I think 2006. It was a TLC match and I remember that I was all invested in that thought. It was the coolest thing ever.”

AEW star recently had an interview with Chris Van Vliet where he spoke about AEW running unopposed on Wednesday Nights.

He said that it has been very beneficial to them as they can garner more audience than usual. But he also spoke about another show with whom they have to compete now.

He said:

“Firstly, I think it’s exciting because there’s going to be more eyes on our product,” Marshall said. “But also, MTV Challenge, I didn’t know it was a thing. They have the top spot on TV every week and we are competing with them. I just think we need to give people the best product and get people interested in what we are doing. In our stories, characters and personalities. Just hope each fan will watch and tell a friend.”

Marshall recently turned heel against former tag team partner Dustin Rhodes and his brother, Cody Rhodes, and formed The Factory stable with Aaron Solow, Anthony Ogogo and Nick Comoroto.


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