AJ Lee Reacts To Daniel Bryan Insulting Her

AJ Lee was heavily involved in the WWE almost a decade ago. Time flies. AJ was shortly the Raw general manager and then was in an on-screen romance with Daniel Bryan. AJ recently posted a tweet that takes us all down memory lane. Daniel Bryan Reacts To ‘Bad’ Christian Injury.



In November 2011, AJ was placed in an on-screen romance with Daniel Bryan, who won the World Heavyweight Championship the next month and developed heel traits. Despite AJ’s declaration of love for Bryan, Bryan avoided saying he loved her in return.

This went on as it was kind of turned into a macho relationship from the man’s side and a submissive relationship from the woman’s side which the WWE crowd loved. Looking back, obviously another not so good call by the writing team.

The tweet that AJ put out was a short clip of Bryan and Sheamus feuding. Sheamus is speaking down to Bryan while AJ then chimes in. After AJ chimes in, Bryans turns to her and says: “AJ, shut up.” The WWE crowd at the time ate this up.

AJ captioned the short video with the simple tagline of: “Memories.”

AJ is retired from WWE action. In her memoir, Mendez stated that permanent damage to her cervical spine, and the fulfillment of her goals led to the decision. She had also “felt caught in the middle” between WWE and her husband CM Punk following his controversial departure in January 2014 but continued to wrestle for as long as she could before hanging up her boots.

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