AJ Styles addresses how long he will continue wrestling

The ‘how long will he wrestle’ question has come up frequently with regard to WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles, who incidentally is 43-years-old.



When he signed a new WWE deal last year, Styles mentioned he’d call it a day when his current deal ends in 2024. Prior to that, he had said in 2017 that he only had “a couple of years left.”

Styles has addressed the topic in an interview with Vicente Beltrán, and it sounds like the Phenomenal One acknowledges he needs to slow down, but that isn’t going to stop him pushing his body to the limit:

“I’m going to take this body to the limit. I enjoy what I do, I respect what I do and take pride in everything that happens in the ring. I want to do it as long as my body and my brain allow me to. A lot of times, I feel like my body and brain argue with each other. My brain is telling me that I can do it, but my body is saying ‘don’t even try.’ When they both come together and say ‘it’s a good time to hang it up,’ then we’ll do that. When is that? It’s something Undertaker talked about, it’s something you battle with on a daily basis because you love what you do.”

Styles will be defending his IC title on Friday night SmackDown against Matt Riddle.

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