Angel Garza to be out of the ring for injury suffered at Clash of Champions

Angel Garza was attended by officials at the end of the Clash of Champions match. Garza and Andrade were fighting the Street Profits for the RAW Tag Team Championship on Sunday. But the match had to end abruptly because of an injury Garza sustained.



He gave an update on his health condition on his official YouTube channel.

Angel Garza clears the air about his injury

Angel Garza suffered a small tear in his quad trying to hit Montez Ford with a knee. He could hear a ‘pop’ and felt the area getting really hot. He told the referee that he would not be able to continue. That led to the match being ended quicker than planned.

Garza applauded WWE for having a medical team on standby at all times for emergencies such as this.

“Unfortunately, the injury came afterwards. Montez went for a kick and I grabbed the kick. When I lowered it, I went for the knee, but I put in a little too much force into it. I thought when I was going to do it, [Ford] was a little too far from where I was and I didn’t measure myself properly. When I tried to stretch my leg towards him, the other leg that was supporting it couldn’t handle it and was stretched out too much. That’s when I heard a small pop, like a balloon exploding. Everything around that area started to get really hot and when I tried to move the leg, I had that tension close to my groin and it was my quadriceps, almost reaching my hip. That’s what I felt.”

“The referee came to me and asked if I can continue and I said no. I remember giving Andrade the tag and he asked me what’s wrong and I tell him that I can’t go anymore. WWE has a system that’s really effective where they have all the doctors and medical personnel watching the matches on monitors and they quickly go to the ring to see what’s going on. I told them what I was feeling. The medical team sent me away to get it checked. I was asked if I could walk and I said yes, but couldn’t put any force down there.”

The MRI results said the injury did not involve tendons or hip bones, and only a small tear in the quad. He has already started treatment and putting ice on the injury. Recovery has been speedy so far.

Garza said that if he had continued, he could have completely torn the quad and would have been out of the ring for a long time. But thankfully he would be missing action for only a week or 15 days at most.

H/T to Fightful for the translation of the quotes.

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