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The Bella Twins consisting of Nikki and Brie Bella is one of the most popular tag-teams of the female division. Nikki Bella’s neck issues and Brie’s personal life shortened their careers. However, the fans remain eager for their return to the squared circle. 



Women’s wrestling, in general, has evolved and has grown over the years. The women’s wrestling have gained a lot of popularity and the way it has been looked up to has changed in a positive way over the course of years. WWE’s women’s division has certainly come a long way from its earlier days where women were mere eye candy and no one took them seriously as competitors.

Bella Twins played a major role in Women’s Evolution

While speaking on Wrestling With Freddie, the Bella Twins talked about their huge role in the evolution of WWE’s women’s division. Brie Bella especially had a lot to say about how the former teen heartthrob, Freddie Prinze Jr. helped out their WWE careers. They revealed how it was Prinze’s idea to keep pushing the twins to the main roster from FCW:

“We do give you [Freddie] a lot of credit because we were down in FCW for so long and they were like, ‘we just don’t know what to do with twins.’ We’re like, ‘seems like it writes itself.’ It was your ideas that you kept pushing that I think it made people in the company see there was something special. The greatest thing was there was no social media and FCW didn’t have television, so we nobody knew Nicole and I. It wasn’t Nikki so much as it was me. They kept saying they had no idea, I had a boyfriend at the time who was like, ‘you gave up everything for wrestling, at what point do you start to give back to the people who were there for you?

You never see your family, I’m here alone.’ I was like, ‘that’s a good point.’ I was the one who pushed it. ‘Let us know. You told us at Diva Search you weren’t looking for two. We begged to tryout again. We drove here, we’re getting paid peanuts, if you have no idea what do with twins, we can go somewhere else.”

The Bella Twins were recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The fans are waiting for their return, if that happens.