Brock Lesnar ‘Freaked Out’ WWE Star’s Mom

Brock Lesnar had been a dominant force in his every stint in WWE. Many stars have felt the wrath of The Beast and have been destroyed. His heel run had started with the feud involving the former WWE star Zach Gowen back in 2003. WWE ‘Remove’ Top Smackdown Star From Show



Zach Gowen’s mother was scared by Brock Lesnar

Gowen’s mother had played a major role in his match against Lesnar. Zach Gowen recently spoke with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Sid Pullar III and spoke about his mother’s involvement in the bout. He also revealed how he had hidden a key detail about the match from her.

“So we went over the angle with my mom and she knew everything that was gonna happen, but she didn’t know about the blood. That part I kept hidden from her because I was afraid of her reaction to it. So in the angle I’m on the stretcher, I’m a mess and my mom hops the rail and she’s yelling at me, ‘Zachary! Zachary! You didn’t tell me about the blood! What is this shit? What did you do to yourself?’ And I’m like, ‘Mom! Stop, just hold it! The cameras are on! We’re still in the middle of this angle! Please do not ruin this angle for me!’ And to her credit man, she snapped right back into that role and she was amazing,” said Zach Gowen.

Gowen and Lesnar share a cordial relationship off-screen and recently the latter had thanked Gowen for his contribution to cementing his heel persona in WWE.

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