WWE ‘Remove’ Top Smackdown Star From Show

Paul Heyman is the Special Counsel to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. He has been missing the Friday Night SmackDown post-show, Talking Smack for few weeks now and the fans have been wondering about the move. It turns out that WWE decided to pull him out of the show.



WWE removes Paul Heyman from Talking Smack

The matter was recently addressed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Heyman’s move from Talking Smack is a permanent one. Pat McAfee had replaced him last week and he will be the one to replace him for good.

Paul Heyman has been pulled out of the show and from now on Pat McAfee and Kayla Braxton host the show like this past week. It has been reported that the change is permanent and not a one week thing. Paul Heyman Leaks Brock Lesnar Spoiler Photo

“No real reason” to move Paul Heyman off Talking Smack was reported. Heyman’s angles with stars on Talking Smack would often lead to those matches in a huge manner.

Paul Heyman is currently weighing on the rumors about Brock Lesnar’s return as he recently changes his Facebook profile picture. We will have to see if The Beast Incarnate will return anytime soon and what role Heyman would play in that.

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