Charlotte Breaks Silence On Ric Flair Controversy

Charlotte Flair told Renee Young that she asked Ric Flair to accompany Andrade to the ring against Kenny Omega at Triplemania in Mexico after he quit WWE with controversial rumors, and he excitedly said yes immediately. Charlotte said she asked for the date off from WWE in advance. Ric Flair’s appearance led to rumors of a viral photo of fellatio occuring on a train, which wasn’t true.



Konnan recently revealed Ric Flair traveled by plane to Mexico for AAA TripleMania XXIX and thus it proves that the viral train photo isn’t him.

Konnan elaborates the angle with Ric Flair at TripleMania

During the latest episode of the Keepin It 100 with Konnan, Konnan gave more details on Ric Flair’s appearance at Triplemania XXIX. Keith Lee ‘Not Returning’ To WWE Raw?

Konnan spoke about how the angle with Flair at Triplemania came to be:

“Like I always said, one of life’s tragedies is we get old too soon and wise too late. I think when I was young, I wasn’t the humblest cat in the world either.  To me, it was a no-brainer. Originally we were going to bring up Andrade with this Mexican singer that’s mega popular and then that fell through. He had told me that maybe Ric was going to come with him to the show but as a guest just to watch it. That’s when I first thought, ‘If he’s coming in as a guest, why doesn’t he just be your second?’ He asked him and he said, ‘Yea.’ That was it. He was just going to be his second.”

Konnan continuing the story about Ric Flair being at the show. He also revealed that he went by flight. He said:

“Basically, I thought if Flair comes out, that would be cool because nobody is expecting it. It was funny because I told him when they were on the plane, I told him to make sure when he gets to the airport, because there are fans at the airport, the foreigners usually come in the day of, and they know what hotel you stay at now, so make sure you wear a hat, and a mask, a jacket or something. He said he doesn’t want to wear the jacket. He’s in a pink shirt.  He’s got gold chains on.”


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