Dana White Reveals Who ‘Nearly Assaulted’ Logan Paul

Dana White said on the Full Send Podcast that he feared fans were going to assault Logan Paul at UFC 264, so he gave him new tickets, “He bought a bunch of tickets to the fight. The tickets he bought, he would not want to sit in. He was going to get f**king smashed. So I gave him tickets in another section.”



The YouTuber turned professional boxer, Jake Paul is set to square off against the former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley on August 29 in a boxing match. Currently, the odds are in favor of Jake Paul even if Tyron Woodley is definitely the biggest opponent for Jake Paul so far. Jake Paul might be faking an injury for his upcoming boxing match against Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul may play a bad guy in the media, but at UFC 264, he was a real life good guy to two young female fans, as he posed for a photo with them as seen below. Jake Paul recently told ‘Below the Belt’ that he negotiated with Nate Diaz for a boxing match, but that the fight would be too easy. In the interview taped prior to UFC 263, he correctly predicted Diaz would lose, and that he is ‘washed up.’

UFC President Dana White recently spoke to the Full Send podcast, where he called out Jake Paul and also blasted Showtime.

“Listen, that’s all part of the business. You know, you wanna get noticed, you wanna stir up some shit? Start a fight with me. I mean that’s how you do it, you know. He’s on f***ing Showtime. What are they gonna f***ing do? You know what I mean? Showtime is like the f***ing end, at the bottom of the barrel. They are the f***ing worst. They think they are f***ing HBO but they are not. You know they the f***ing s***can of pay-TV.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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