Drew McIntyre Reveals Brock Lesnar’s Real Personality

The former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently shared his take on Brock Lesnar’s new gimmick during an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling.



Drew McIntyre opens up on Brock Lesnar

Lesnar recently transformed his gimmick upon his return at SummerSlam. Lesnar seems to be enjoying himself in his babyface role and revealed his jolly side to the fans. ‘The Scottish Warrior’ explained how it was part of The Beast Incarnate’s journey as a performer. Drew McIntyre stated that Lesnar deliberately hid his jolly side from the masses as it was a contrast to his on-screen image. It was noted that WWE might be worried about Brock Lesnar.

The Scottish superstar was glad to see him finally open up and showcase a version of himself that fans never thought they’d see on WWE television:

“We’re getting it now, and it’s all part of the Lesnar journey and the Lesnar character arc that you knew he had this all along, and he has shown that serious side. People loved it at times; they hated it at times. And now they are getting a chance to see a little bit that Brock didn’t like to be revealed. That he can be a nice guy, he can be a funny guy. He kept that hidden as part of his presentation. For years, he didn’t want the world to know that, but now he is letting them in a little bit about how he is actually like. He is genuinely terrifying and a badass, but he can also be, you know, a good guy and highly entertaining. You get a character like Sami, and you put him with Brock; it’s just great TV,” said Drew McIntyre.

Despite the drastic change in his former rival’s manners, Drew McIntyre found Lesnar a terrifying individual who savored beating up people in the ring:

“Brock’s come back, obviously reinvigorated. He has got that badass ponytail of his, that whole farmer outfit, and that big smile that is even more terrifying somehow than in the past. It’s so entertaining, but just when he smiles in his overalls or whatever, he is just somehow more terrifying than just standing there, being big and, you know, silent as Heyman did his talking for him. He is just coming out, having a good time, and what makes Brock happy is beating people up,” added McIntyre.

Lesnar is set to challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at tonights’s Day 1 pay-per-view.

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