Hulk Hogan Reveals WWE Was Shutting Down

Hulk Hogan remains one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling, with his influence in the business never being understated. However, his troubled past concerning racism has ultimately led to his downfall. Hulk Hogan was booed at WrestleMania 37 when he was introduced with Titus O’Neil as the hosts of the pay-per-view, which all stemmed from him using racial slurs in a leaked 2015 sex tape. A WWE Hall Of Famer also attacked Hulk Hogan after WWE RAW botch. 



According to recent comments made by Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon allegedly considered “shutting the doors” on WWE during its rivalry with WCW in the 1990s. WCW’s popular show Nitro consistently outperformed WWE’s Monday night programming for over 80 weeks in a row, with Hogan’s involvement in the nWo faction being a significant factor in WCW’s success.

The A&E Biography: WWE Legends episode dedicated to the nWo recently featured Hogan recounting a conversation with McMahon in which he was told concerning news about the state of WWE during this time period. The latest episode offers a detailed look into the history of the nWo, and Hogan’s comments shed new light on the intense competition between WWE and WCW during the 1990s.

“That was the goal, was to become the number one company. I don’t think the goal was ever to put Vince out of business even though we got really, really close. I had a conversation with Vince where he was just a couple of weeks away from shutting the doors.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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