John Laurinaitis ‘Sexist’ WWE Accusation Leaks

It has recently been reported that Johnny ‘Ace’ Laurinaitis is back leading the Talent Relations division in WWE, replacing the outgoing Mark Carrano. However, Laurinaitis’ new role in WWE is officially General Manager, Talent, and will be reporting to WWE’s Executive Vice President of Operations, Brad Blum. Carrano will be reporting to Laurinaitis. This top WWE female superstar was set to be ‘buried’ by the company.



This apparently has several superstars in the company worried as is reporting. According to the outlet, one anonymous wrestler voiced concern of Laurinaitis’ past handling of female talent during his time in the company. It was widely known to long time WWE fans and company insiders that John Laurinaitis would find potential female talent by circling bikini catalogs. WWE officials were made aware of the move on Wednesday morning.

Several other unnamed WWE superstars also told the outlet, that in regards to Mark Carrano however, he is was someone who, while friendly, was difficult to trust and caused a division within WWE after the round of cuts during the Spring of 2020. It is unknown whether or not Laurenaitis will continue emphasis on the ‘Women’s Revolution’ or if WWE will revert to the old ‘Diva mentality’ that was made famous prior to Laurinaitis’ dismissal several years ago.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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