Becky Lynch Was Set To Be ‘Buried’ By WWE

‘The Man’ Becky Lynch’s meteoric rise to Superstardom back in 2018 is well documented. It propelled her career to the absolute top, which culminated in her winning both the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championships at WrestleMania 35, defeating both Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey in the main event of the Show of Shows. A Becky Lynch WWE return match rumor just leaked.



Many fans noted that her push started after an accident that took place prior to Survivor Series 2018. On the final episode of RAW before the pay-per-view, Jax legitimately punched Lynch during a brawl between RAW and SmackDown Superstars. Due to this Lynch suffered a concussion and had to forfeit her Survivor Series spot to Charlotte Flair.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo spoke on Writing With Russo, where he talked about Becky Lynch’s rise to the top. According to Russo, he felt that Lynch was set to be lost in the crowd with the rest of the women’s WWE Superstars, essentially being buried in the process.

“Let’s face it, nothing against Becky Lynch, bro, she would’ve been right in the middle of that pack had not Nia Jax jacked her up. Bro, that bloody Becky in the crowd, that’s what got Becky over, and that was by mistake.

“She would have been, bro, just like all the other girls on the roster had that not happened. Bro, they [WWE writers] have to know… they have to know, ‘We’re not making an effort with any of these women.’ They’ve gotta know that.”

Speaking of management, Triple H is losing power to a huge WWE name.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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