Kayla Braxton Shows Backside View In Photo

Kayla Braxton posted a backside view photo backstage at WWE Raw last night, as seen below.



One name that wasn’t at Raw was Randy Orton. Randy Orton is a true veteran in the world of professional wrestling as he has worked in WWE for close to twenty years at this point. It seems he has a lot left in the tank and is more than determined to work in WWE for several more years. Triple H also recently approached for a replacement of Randy Orton.

For the past couple of months, Randy Orton has been teaming up with Monday Night RAW Superstar Matt Riddle and together they have been known as Team RK-Bro and have been quite successful since their debut together. They even went on to become RAW Tag Team Champions after defeating AJ Styles and Omos at WWE SummerSlam back in August.

Randy Orton is over 40 years of age now and due to this, many fans have been wondering just when The Apex Predator will hang up his pro wrestling boots for good. Orton competed in the Royal Rumble match last week in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri but he did not last there for long. The Apex Predator was also not present during this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, which puzzled many fans as they expected a continuation of Team RK-Bro’s feud with The Alpha Academy.
Dave Meltzer recently spoke on Wrestling Observer Radio, where he addressed the possible reason for his absence.

I thought it was really weird that Orton wasn’t on TV. And also he was only in the Rumble in a couple of minutes too. I questioned why would Orton, who’d get the biggest pop in the show(apart from the surprise pop for Ronda) why would he not compete for long. In a match that didn’t have a lot of heat, the crowd would’ve gone crazy for anything Randy Orton would’ve done, but he arrived late and was out quick.

I thought that was really weird booking. Orton not being on the show, they did the whole thing last week with Orton not wanting to be in the scooter race. They kept promoting Otis in the scooter race but all of a sudden it was dropped.

h/t to Ringside News for the transcription.

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