Kelly Kelly Shows It All In Bedroom Photos

Kelly Kelly returned at the WWE Royal Rumble, and she has posted an early Valentine’s Day photo from her bedroom.



Doudrop also wrestled at the Royal Rumble, in a title match against Becky Lynch. WWE star Doudrop (previously Piper Niven) is one of the strongest stars in the company’s female division. She has gained a lot of popularity recently. She has been previously seen as a bubbly star by the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon but he later on turned her heel which unleashed her dark side. Previously, Vince McMahon removed Shane McMahon from RAW.

Doudrop opens up on interaction with Vince McMahon

Doudrop recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman at the Royal Rumble media row in St. Louis. During the interview, she revealed a backstage story about her interaction with Vince McMahon. He wanted the happy version of her on the main roster to be all about dancing, because he saw her doing that backstage:

“It was really funny because he wanted me to come out and dance,” she reflected. “I was like, ‘I don’t know if you looked all up in that C.V., but it did not say dancer.’ I was kind of like, ‘what am I doing? I don’t like this.’ Then one day I got backstage and he goes, ‘goddamnit, I see you out there shaking your ass all afternoon, why can’t you do it out there?’

“I was like, ‘you’ve absolutely got me over a barrel there,’ because seeing me when I am rehearsing. When he said that, he was like, ‘I just want the people to see your personality that we see back here.’ I was like, ‘oh man, you have completely stunned me with that.’ I totally got what he meant. And from that point on, that’s when I started to get more comfortable with jumping around and dancing.”

The former NXT UK star is portraying a darker version of the gimmick and she is working as a heel. She revealed that she is enjoying her run:

“Then with evil Doudrop, as some people are calling it, which I love,” she admitted. “I just feel like it’s the opposite side of my personality. I think for me personally, I am either super bright and bubbly, or I am a little brat and crabby. So, it’s kind of nice to let both sides of the real me come through.”

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