Nia Jax kills rumors about her absence from WWE last year

Current Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax had made some headlines last year when she missed several Raw episodes without an explanation at the time around October.



The story caught the wind and there were all kinds of rumors about the absence of Jax, including one saying that the Rock encouraged her to leave Raw.

However, during a latest interview with Pop Culture, the Champion commented on these rumors involving the Rock saying they are false and claimed that she was off TV because of an injury:

“I had actually had an injury that happened to me personally on a flight—an overhead bag fell directly on top of my head while I was on a plane. I was out of it; I was completely out of it. I’m not kidding you.”

Though it’s worth mentioning here that these comments are a contradiction to what Jax said back then in an interview claiming that she was not on Raw simply because creative didn’t have anything for her.

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