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Nia Jax kills rumors about her absence from WWE last year

Nia Jax

Current Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax had made some headlines last year when she missed several Raw episodes without an explanation at the time around October.

The story caught the wind and there were all kinds of rumors about the absence of Jax, including one saying that the Rock encouraged her to leave Raw.

However, during a latest interview with Pop Culture, the Champion commented on these rumors involving the Rock saying they are false and claimed that she was off TV because of an injury:

“I had actually had an injury that happened to me personally on a flight—an overhead bag fell directly on top of my head while I was on a plane. I was out of it; I was completely out of it. I’m not kidding you.”

Though it’s worth mentioning here that these comments are a contradiction to what Jax said back then in an interview claiming that she was not on Raw simply because creative didn’t have anything for her.

  • Nia’s a pansy

    Go back under your bridge, troll.

  • Yespage

    Exactly. One day I was hit by a freight train moving at Mach 2 while going to work. Not only did I not miss a day, I worked the two hours I missed in the morning trying to help pick the train car back onto the track, that evening.

  • Nia’s a pansy

    Your comment is dumb. A bump from a suitcase is no excuse to miss work. Take two Tylenol and you’re fine. There is absolutely no reason she had to miss work because of this.

  • CC

    Probably her own bag that she put there if anything.
    Why must everything be about trying to be an ambulance chaser?

  • CC

    I am trying to decide whether you are being serious or not, because if you are, the bang to your head might explain why your comment is so dumb.

  • Will Henderson

    so she got a concussion from something hitting her head while on a plane, if i was her, i would see if the airlines is at fault for that and if they are, hire a lawyer and sue them.

  • Nia’s a pansy

    Are you kidding me? That’s pathetic. I was in a car accident where I was hit so hard that the headrest completely compressed and I was essentially hit hard in the back of the head with a piece of steel. Not only did I not miss a day of work, I didn’t go to the doctor and I am sure I had a bad concussion as I had headaches every day for about a month.