Paul Heyman Email To Fired Smackdown Star Leaks

Chelsea Green told Fightful that there were plans for an all female stable with Vanessa Borne and Santana Garrett last year that were ‘dropped’ by creative. It would have been similar to Charlie’s Angels and the Pussycat Dolls. Vince McMahon Fired WWE Divas For ‘Whining.’



Ryan Satin tweeted, “Listening to Chelsea Green’s interview with @SeanRossSapp
where she says she got called up to RAW when it was under the direction of Paul Heyman because she guessed his email address and asked him to be brought over. That was a slick move.” Heyman then emailed with Green, inviting her to Raw. He also praised her promos, saying she blew away even her great reputation.

Ahmed Johnson told Pro Wrestling Defined that Vince McMahon wanted him to win the Intercontinental Title, “That broke my heart, man. That just broke my heart, it really did. Even before I left, I heard he [Vince McMahon] was going to put the big strap [WWE Championship] on me before I left. Things didn’t work out and I had to walk, you know. I had to leave the organization.”

He said about being removed from The Nation by Vince, “That Nation, when I got on there, there was me, Faarooq, Kama, and The Rock, and it was just too much power, man, for one team. Maybe after, I think a month, he called me to the office and said he’s gonna take me out The Nation because he didn’t have anybody that could go [against them]. I was like, ‘Okay.’ I was the only one he believed in that could make people believe that I could fight against The Nation, so he pulled me out of it.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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