Rey Mysterio Tried To ‘Get Out’ Of WWE Contract

Rey Mysterio is one of Smackdown’s most popular stars. Every wrestler has their ups and downs in their career. The king of the 619, Rey Mysterio is no exception to the rule. Rey was presented with a dark point in his career and had the decision to leave. Rey Mysterio’s ‘Replacement’ On Smackdown Was Revealed.



On ‘Keeping it 100 with Konnan’, Konnan had everyone’s favorite guest, Billi Bhatti on the show. Billi and Konnan spoke briefly about Rey Mysterio and his career as Billi weighed in: “In order to get your downside guarantee, there’s an injury downside guarantee where they pay you while you’re injured, a little amount.

Billi Bhatti continued on the situation: “We had a situation where Rey Mysterio couldn’t get out of his contract because he was injured.”

This story happened of course before Rey Mysterio resigned to the company a while ago. Rey Mysterio was frustrated with the WWE previous to him leaving originally and he did want to get out of his contract. Previously, Konnan spoke on how when he spoke to Rey about resigning a contract; that he told Rey to get the “exact amount” he wanted for a return.

Rey Mysterio is one of those wrestlers that has hit major high points in their career, but still seems like they were always severely underused. Hopefully, Rey is happy with his current place in the company now.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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