Rey Mysterio ‘Replacement’ On Smackdown Revealed

Nobody can replace Rey Mysterio A.K.A; the king of the 619 no matter how many have tried to do so. During the latest episode of the ARN podcast, Arn Anderson talked about the original Sin Cara being the planned Smackdown replacement for Rey. Anderson said Sin Cara was brought into the company to be the next Rey Mysterio, which didn’t pan out the way many had thought it would. Rey Mysterio was recently caught partying with his daughter in this photo.



Arn says: “This guy came in with all this hype,” “It was discussed and true, you need a Mexican star if you’re going to run Mexico or Spanish countries. Rey Mysterio was that guy and you don’t replace Rey, there’s nobody coming along. I haven’t seen anybody to do this day that’s going to eclipse Rey Mysterio and all that he’s accomplished.”

Anderson also heavily stated that Sin Cara had a bad attitude and wasn’t willing to adapt to the American style of wrestling. He said that he was tough to work with and had no comparisons to Rey Mysterio besides their heritage.

Arn continues: “This guy didn’t show me anything, not a damn thing,” Anderson said. “He had a bad attitude, if he spoke English, he acted like he didn’t. We’re not talking about Hunico, we’re talking about the original Sin Cara.”

Arn then brings up the Mysterio comparisons: ““I like Rey Mysterio because of several reasons, he is small but he figured out a way to work his matches where he used every bit of his body to knock you down or chip away at you and get you in a position where he could do a springboard and knock you down. He spent most of the match selling, he had one flurry that made sense that was able to get him almost to winning or winning in a way that made sense.” Rey Mysterio also talked about the possibility of Dominik wearing a mask earlier this year.

Dustin Schumacher
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