Roman Reigns Match ‘In Jeopardy’ At WrestleMania

WrestleMania 37 Night 2 could face a weather delay just like last night, with Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan under threat of being delayed until much later this evening. Chris Jericho Was ‘Furious’ With Brock Lesnar WrestleMania News.



There will be severe storms in the Tampa Bay area today, and though they will dissipate by WrestleMania’s 8PM EST start time, there are also lingering showers later in the evening in the forecast. reports that the call time for today’s WrestleMania has already been delayed, which is not good news.

WrestleTalk TV tweeted, “Dangerous weather could force WWE to cancel #WrestleMania Night Two.”

Dutch Mantell told Sportskeeda that Reigns needs to retain his WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania.

“I think Roman needs to keep it because they have equity in Roman. He came back strong, they put him with Heyman. That should tell you all you need to know, them putting him with Heyman. So I think Roman is their guy but after listening to Daniel Bryan tonight, and Edge, if they did it then it would make sense which is something a lot of times wrestling doesn’t do, make sense longterm.

Even if Edge does end up with it, which I doubt, or Daniel ends up with it, which I doubt, it still makes sense. They could keep Roman in the picture and he could come back and reclaim it but sometimes they’re upset of upsetting the apple cart. We’ve made the cider, now lets drink it.” Bray Wyatt ‘No Showed’ A Major WrestleMania Event.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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