Sammy Guevara Allegedly Refused To Lose To Big Star

After Sammy Guevara walked out of ‘The Inner Circle’ and out of the AEW arena, news has erupted about his issues with appearing on Impact Wrestling.



Via Wrestling Observer Radio and Reddit, the following has been stated by sources close to Guevara about him not wanting to work the way Impact wanted him to: “They indeed wanted Guevara to be in tag matches. However, Guevara didn’t think that made sense because one of the points of leaving The Inner Circle was to go out on his own.”

Sources close to Guevara continued: “Guevara did have an idea about winning the title, but it didn’t involve not losing the title or taking it to AEW. At that point, Impact wasn’t wasn’t going for any of his ideas and it was a “their way or the highway” type situation.”

Continued: “The idea was that he would lose some matches and get beaten down, eventually winning and then get beaten down again. Guevara called someone in AEW (Tony Khan is presumed) to discuss what was happening and expressed his opinions about the situation.”

The user SoDuTw pulled the curtain back on who the issue seemed to be: “I really wish news sites would just say it. I heard it days ago. It was Ace Austin that they wanted Sammy to job to.”

Sammy appeared to refute reports yesterday, as seen in the tweet below.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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