Steve Austin ‘Bad Paycheck’ Stuns WWE Fans

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of professional wrestling’s biggest icons and legends. However, the WWE Hall of Famer recently discussed how he was very strapped for cash during his early days wrestling in the 1980s during A&E’s Biography documentary special. On the special he stated that he made $15 to $20 per night in his early days wrestling, and begged his parents for $40 for his birthday. He would then go on to make approximately $75,000 per year being signed to WCW. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ‘meeting’ with Roman Reigns was recently revealed.



Former WWE Champion AJ Styles recently shared a piece of advice that he got from ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ during his early days in WWE on a recent appearance of the ‘A Couple in with Cody Jinks Podcast’, that detail being how Styles needed to make a quick style change toward his ring jacket, explaining to the ‘Phenomenal One’ that the jacket looked ‘far too busy’. Credit to Cultaholic for the below.

Styles explained: “One of the things [Austin] told me was, ‘Your jacket, almost too much going on.’ Within weeks, it was changed and I don’t think he was wrong in what he was saying. Less is more. Just little things that help you get to where you’re at today.” Styles debuted for the company in 2016 during that year’s Royal Rumble event.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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