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10/22 RAW Breakdown: Record Lows, Ryback Match, More

– As noted before, the October 22nd episode of WWE RAW drew a 2.48 cable rating with 3.55 million viewers – just very bad numbers for WWE all around.

In the segment breakdown, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow opened with a 2.46 quarter rating, which is a very weak opener. Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty lost 41,000 viewers while John Cena’s promo and an appearance by CM Punk and Paul Heyman gained 530,000 viewers. Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro in the rematch from a week earlier lost 372,000 viewers.

The high point of this week’s RAW came in the segment with Vince McMahon, AJ Lee, Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero. That segment gained 529,000 viewers for a 2.91 quarter rating. This beat out the Cena segment that gained 530,000 viewers. The Miz vs. Ryback and the backstage brawl with Layla, Eve Torres and Kaitlyn lost 613,000 viewers – not a good sign for Ryback right now.

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler lost 253,000 viewers. That match was one of the most talked about in recent weeks and finished with a 2.31 quarter rating – the lowest for a non-holiday RAW segment in 15 years, although this record was broken later in the night.

The game show segment with Team Hell No and Kane vs. Big Show gained 62,000 viewers in the 10pm timeslot. John Cena confronting Vince McMahon and Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio gained 26,000 viewers. The lowest quarter-rating going back 15 years then happened as the Dolph Ziggler segment, a Ryback video and the Lumberjacks entrances lost 319,000 viewers for a 2.15 quarter.

The Lumberjacks main event with CM Punk vs. Sheamus gained 1,058,000 viewers for a 2.89 quarter rating.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Lee

    Let’s see now; what else was on that night? Oh yeah, a Presidential Debate and a Monday Night Football Game. No doubt, a few of the WWE fans switched to watch a minute or two of those events… think?

    WWE is not in trouble. They are the only game in town (sorry, TNA Wrestling)and fans will always come and go. As long as they have established, reliable starts to show up from time to time, as well as the “flavors of the month (Cena, Punk, Miz, etc.)”. they will be just fine.

    But, I do agree that three hours is too long. I oftened wondered why you see far too much of some stars and rarely see the locker room dwellers. After a few weeks of the three hour format, I now understand. Many of them are “stars”, but they are more suited for Superstars or the smaller shows. This is evident by putting them on Monday Night Raw, where they either stink up the joint or the ratings plunge. So, with respect, the format should return to two hours. Then, the ratings will return, as the stars will shine and there will be less of the filler matches.

    Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to shake up the writing corps. Some of the skits are awful. I wonder what they are paid (I’d sign on in a minute); sometimes, they don’t exactly earn their money.

    All of that said, I am a RAW fan, a SmackDown fan and a WWE fan. I may complain, but like all true fans, I’ll be watching each week and I’ll attend an occasional event. WWE will be just fine, once Vince gets tired of the poor ratings, bad writing and boring filler matches. Be patient, people; things will get better.

    Or, you could switch to the alternative, TNA Wrestling. Personally, I rather watch a debate than TNA Wrestling. But, that’s just me.


  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @Man pg isnt killing RAW, the weak ass wrestlers like Ryback, Punk, Cena, a matter of fact EVERY single weak ass wrestlers are killing RAW. Dont we all remember that the golden age of wrestling, wich was the Hogan era, meaning 83-93 was also pg rated, yet the wrestlers of that time put up some of the greatest matches of all time. I wonder why!!!! Hmmmm… let’s all think about it 🙂 and @ SAM the WWE shouldn’t go back to 2 hours already, the WWE should just pack it up and just go on vacation for a little while. I think the WWE shutting its doors for a while would benefit the whole wrestling business.

  • paul s

    @ Man – you my friend are absofuckinglutely correct.

  • stockshark28

    WWE is slowly dying!

  • Man

    Why cant Vince understand that PG is killing the Wwe product? If WWE were to be TV-14, their ratings would barely fall behind 4.0.

  • SYM

    Rycraps push is over after HIAC, bank on it. Punk gains a mill viewers after being champ for 12 months, yet Rycrap loses .5 mill viewers.

    Bye Bye Rycrap, i won’t be disappointed, he can’t wrestle anyway. I’d rather see Punk/Cena then Rycrap.

  • Shawn

    It couldn’t be that there was MNF and a Presidential Debate…. right?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Tha don

    Agree with 3 hours they have to do 2 many fillers.

  • sam

    just go back to two hours already

  • Lord KGM

    WWE is in trouble