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2011 Main Event Stats on Cena and Orton, Maryse Appears at Wrestling Event

– John Cena appeared in 11 out of 13 WWE pay-per-view main events in 2011. CM Punk had the second-most pay-per-view main event matches in 2011 with 7. The Miz and Alberto Del Rio followed with 5 pay-per-view main events while R-Truth had 4.

– Randy Orton appeared in 35 main events on WWE TV throughout 2011, beating John Cena who had 27 TV main events. Christian came in third with 22 TV main events, Alberto Del Rio and R-Truth with 19, CM Punk and Sheamus with 18, Mark Henry with 17 and a four-way tie with Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Tyson Kidd and Dolph Ziggler appearing in 16 TV main events.

– Former WWE Diva Maryse appeared at a Maryland Championship Wrestling event on Friday night to take photos with fans and sign autographs. She noted on Twitter that 600 fans showed up.

Partial source: PWTorch

  • Albert

    I lol’d when i saw Tyson Kids name… Then i remembered superstars & NXT

  • Wellsy

    In fact just to add to that, the only times he’s not been involved in the Main Event since his return from injury at the Rumble 08 have been either because of the Undertaker, Triple H or Jeff Hardy. Those 3 have featured in the most non-Cena Main Events.

  • Wellsy

    One of the two main events he didn’t appear in, he still wrestled for the WWE Championship that night, so was pretty much still a main event.
    TLC he was obviously not booked at last month.

    WWE wonders why people are fed up of him? Because he’s booked in the same matches on the same part of the show month in and month out. The only times he’s bumped off the main event in the last 3 years is for when the Undertaker has been back every now and again and occasionally HHH. He’s main events about 35 of the last 40 PPVs and if the WWE doesn’t realise that that’s overkill then they never will!

  • i wish i couldve seen maryse shes so hot

  • Valo487

    It’s funny that they’ll let Christian be a workhorse for them but won’t give him a proper title run or the respect he deserves.

  • Bastion Booger

    All 22 of Christains main events were against Randy Orton lol

  • No1Coleminer

    yea keep cena away please god keep him away! he possesses more evil than take n kane combined!!! all he has is 5 moves, hogs the limelight, was punk who carried him in their great match, his backstage politics are very bad, he doesnt put anyone over, always wins, he should be to loosing what sheen is to winning. please just put that other great face in his place, you know that one wrestler, he does that move, umm ermm… yea thats the one

  • Chryogenos

    I’m happy for Christian!

  • Nick

    I Think they should leave Cena outta some PPV’s like TLC was awesome and maybe the best PPV of the year because WWE knew if Cena wasn’t there they had to make it aweosme, so if keeping Cena of some PPV’s will get WWE to work hard for their PPV’s, than Im in.