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2012 WWE Royal Rumble Order of Entrants and Eliminations

– Thanks to Paul Barkley for the following 2012 WWE Royal Rumble stats:

Order of Superstars:

1) The Miz
2) Alex Riley
3) R-Truth
4) Cody Rhodes
5) Justin Gabriel
6) Primo
7) Mick Foley
8) Ricardo Rodriguez
9) Santino Marella
10) Epico
11) Kofi Kingston
12) Jerry Lawler
13) Ezekiel Jackson
14) Jinder Mahal
15) The Great Khali
16) Hunico
17) Booker T
18) Dolph Ziggler
19) “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
20) Michael Cole
21) Kharma
22) Sheamus
23) Road Dogg
24) Jey Uso
25) Jack Swagger
26) Wade Barrett
27) David Otunga
28) Randy Orton
29) Chris Jericho
30) Big Show

Order of eliminations and by who:

1) Alex Riley (by The Miz)
2) R-Truth (by The Miz)
3) Primo (by Mick Foley)
4) Justin Gabriel (by Mick Foley & Ricardo Rodriguez)
5) Ricardo Rodriguez (by Santino Marella)
6) Epico (by Mick Foley)
7) Santino Marella (by Cody Rhodes)
8) Mick Foley (by Cody Rhodes)
9) Jerry Lawler (by Cody Rhodes)
10) Jinder Mahal (by The Great Khali)
11) Ezekiel Jackson (by The Great Khali)
12) “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (by Cody Rhodes)
13) Booker T (by Cody Rhodes)
14) The Great Khali (by Cody Rhodes)
15) Michael Cole (by Kharma)
16) Hunico (by Kharma)
17) Kharma (by Dolph Ziggler)
18) Kofi Kingston (by Sheamus)
19) Road Dogg (by Wade Barrett)
20) Jey Uso (by Randy Orton)
21) Wade Barett (by Randy Orton)
22) David Otunga (by Chris Jericho)
23) Cody Rhodes (by Big Show)
24) Jack Swagger (by Big Show)
25) The Miz (by Big Show)
26) Dolph Ziggler (by Big Show)
27) Big Show (by Randy Orton)
28) Randy Orton (by Chris Jericho)
29) Chris Jericho (by Sheamus, winner)

  • simon07

    By far the worst part of the rumble was when Big Show eliminated The Miz, Cody and Dolph in the space of 10 seconds.

  • Buttercastle

    @TOM I don’t know if you’re just trying to name random guys to show people you “know” about wrestling or just upset that you didn’t see you favorite superstars. Either way doesn’t matter, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Plus was it last year or the year before where Tatsu botched his elimination by Cena when he just hung on to the ropes instead of falling out? Very rarely will the course of actions play out in reality like it does in the minds of the fans. I’m sure Jericho winning instead of Sheamus or Goldust returning and eliminating Cody would have made a lot more sense to people. But unfortunately none of the people who frequent these or any other wrestling sites have say in what the writers do.

    Also did anyone notice how none of the announcers knew each other were entered in the RR, but seconds before their own number was called they kinda gave away that they were about to get picked? Also King was very clearly wearing his wrestling gear under a tshirt. It woulda been neat if they kayfabe didn’t even know what number they had or better yet if they were even entered. Sorta like when they do the draft. Half the “magic” of the Royal Rumble is not knowing who is coming out next and if the announcers are going to get picked might as well keep up with it.

  • Kristian

    WTF Shouldnt chris won?

  • cropsy

    How many times has big show been 30? Like 4? 5?

  • It might be becuz I was there live but I thought it was the best next to 2009 when Orton won.

  • Jason

    Whats the scoop with the smiley face ???

  • Stashathan

    Didnt Cole get eliminated by king and booker?
    Kharma did make him climb over the rope though

  • Stevie P

    Kofi Kingstons’ spot was pretty amazing. Definitely beats JoMo’s last year. Him and Ricardo were great tonight. Road Dogg looked gassed early but he looked like Road Dogg of old. It brought back good times.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(


    Road Dogg and Ricardo Rodriguez were GREAT!!!

  • Tom

    I am so happy to hear that Hornswoggle was not a participant in this years Royal Rumble! But spots still could have been filled better!

    Alex Riley is in jobber mode so this would have been good for maybe a Christian return.
    Primo is a tag team champion and no one expects him to win so replace him with Brodus Clay.
    Mick Foley has not competed all year so maybe we could go with Kevin Nash but Mick is not too much of a problem as long as he gets Ziggler in a Hardcore match at WM.
    Ricardo was a stupid choice – put in Dibiase.
    Epico – See Primo Mark Henry should have entered if Show did too.
    Jerry Lawler – No reason needed…Goldust would have been good.
    Khali- Has been missing…Tyson Kidd could have entered here
    Michael Cole was stupid….Yoshi Tatsu should have been in
    Kharma…We all know she would not have won….Regal could have entered here.
    Road Dogg….Who really cares Kane should have been in the Rumble and he could have entered here.
    Jey Uso…..No Jimmy just Jey…weird and a waste….where was Mason Ryan??

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Decent PPV I’d say. I honestly thought that when Jerry Lawler first entered then Booker T & Cole kept complaining had me cracking up!! Instead of Cole should have been Goldust instead and had him eliminate Cody. I liked Rumble dispute what people say

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    she came down to the ring in labour, and gave birth in the middle of the ring. Then she and her baby were eliminated by Ziggler.

  • Billy Zane

    Actually..Lawler picked the winner on a number of times.

  • Steven Segal

    I love how after all of these years on computers & the internet, people still can’t put a space between the 8 & the )

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    You know who was the one guy that picked the winner….venom

  • xMaskedReptilex

    Yeah, really good ppv, i loved it, the best part was Santino’s cobra vs Mr. Socko!

  • RAMSES 2



  • Sean Mooney

    Very disappointing Rumble, and it has nothing to do with Jericho not winning, it was just poorly booked. Why have King, Booker, and Cole all enter? Booker and/or King would have been more than enough. Why the hell would they use Jey Uso instead of Goldust?

    I was hoping for Goldust, Christian (I’m assuming he isn’t healthy), Regal, Kane, Cena (to add credibility, and I’d rather see him in a Rumble over Jey Uso, Primo, Epico, and Otunga). Thank God there was no Hornswoggle, Ricardo was at least entertaining. Road Dogg and Hacksaw were alright, but I was hoping for at least one BIG surprise.

    The main event matches were decent, but the Rumble match itself was just poorly booked. It wasn’t as bad as 95 or 99, but this was one of the worst Rumble’s in a long time. I would have preferred Jericho to win, but seeing Sheamus win was a nice surprise, I just wish that they would have booked it a lot better.

  • Maltese

    Cody Rhodes was so impressive. I hope he is a big part of mania.

  • Whooper

    Loved Ricardo Rodriguez and the Road Dogg

  • BestInTheWorld

    Wade Barrett was this year’s biggest disappointment. About 9-10% had him winning the rumble and he lasted all of about 3 minutes. A travesty on the part of the booking because he’s a main eventer.

  • pat

    ummm i havnt seen it yet but did kharma have her baby?!?!?

  • Effmenow

    Was the ppv good? I’ll probably watch it on youtube tomorrow but if it wasn’t I won’t waste my time.

  • AttitudePl0x

    Kharma returned nice. And congratulations to the Great White Celtic Warrior for Royal Rumble victory