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2013 Royal Rumble Poster with The Rock, R-Truth Talks Music vs. Wrestling, More

– Here is a 2013 Royal Rumble poster featuring The Rock.

Unconfirmed Royal Rumble 2013 Poster with The Rock

– Sheamus will be appearing at the Houston Autorama tomorrow afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m. at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX.

– R-Truth was asked if he expresses himself more when he’s in the ring or when he’s recording a track in his studio during an interview with

“I’ve been wrestling and making music for a long time. I’ve been around the right people in the entertainment business who know what it takes in several different areas to make things happen. I’m passionate about both of them, so I try to be an artist when I’m doing both. In many ways professional wrestling is a dance. I guess it depends on how you look at it. When I’m in the ring I’ve got a million people watching me weekly, looking for me to present something memorable to them. I try to do that in the studio as well.”


  • Tombstone

    mizisawersome—-suck dick? How original, bet you worked on that one all night long.

    What the hell is awersome?


    im rendind of the SUMMERSLAM 2001 poster when the had FINALLY in the background n had the rock posing on the rope but i agree wit the above post this does look like THE ROCK n yea we wod all love to see the 90s ROCK the rock we all was quotin at school the nxt day n actin like but its a different era he might not b as edgy as he once was but damn sure still entertaining cuz if he wasnt i seriously doubt even he would had came back if he knew he couldnt still cut them promos n deliever a decent or good match.

  • blue4everd

    This poster truly reminds me of the attitude era, if not post attitude..

  • hf part two

    Rock SOLD OUT on the fans.
    he’ll leave us again once the rumble/wrestlemania is over.


  • sam

    i dont dislike the poster, although i dont think the colour of it really helps the rocks image but hey thats just my opinion

  • mizisawersome

    Both tombstones suck dick u both hav terrible attitudes u bunch of Muppets

  • Tombstone

    @Tombstone(yeah the copy)
    Whats up? your post are starting to sound like the ramblings of an alcholic or something. They make no sense at all. I understand that at first you were trying to make the person behind my screen name sound bad but now your post are just plain stupid. If your going to use the same name as me then please put down the crack pipe and put a little more effort into it.
    And @poko, before you even chime in here—-fuck you.

  • Bill

    To me, this poster makes The Rock look truly like The Rock, as opposed to Dwayne Johnson, as he has the classic eyebrow & seems to have grown his hair out a bit, along with a cleanly shaven face. If only he’d go back to the deeper voice, classic theme, & drop the twitter lines.

  • Jerk Factor

    I liked the old 1991/1992 Royal Rumble posters with all the 30 superstars in a big group cartoon – Oooooh yeah, go Macho

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    This poster is starting to show Rock’s age, not knocking him or anything, but he’s starting to look old in the face.


    finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllly the rock has commmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme back to roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyal ruuuummmmmmmmmmmble……………………….

  • Tombstone

    fucking faggot! simply put!! ok now im a universe member, omg like i sooo cant totally wait for the rock to lay smack down omg yay!! fuck punk right there 😛 woop. piracey all the way!!!! ohhhh arrrrrrrr

  • SYM

    Why is it so hard to find good CAWs on WWE 13?

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    little off topic, but does anyone know when tickets for the raw after wrestlemania 29 will be available for purchase?Also, the axxess tickets?

  • Robinson

    I personally like that poster