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Nash Reportedly Returning, Kong No Longer Awesome, Motor City Machine Guns

— According to SLAM! Wrestling, “Kevin Nash is expected to return to (TNA Wrestling).” He is still listed on’s roster section after his contract with the organization expired in October.

— Former TNA Wrestling performer Kia Stevens’ attempt to trademark the term Awesome Kong was officially dropped on December 3, 2010. TNA Wrestling had opposed Stevens’ attempts to trademark the ring name, stating that she never owned it. Stevens performed under the alias Amazing Kong prior to joining the organization in October 2007, so ownership would likely fall under their auspices. The organization also claimed that Stevens used fraud and misrepresented herself when she applied for ownership of the name. She never responded to their claims and thus lost her bid to trademark the name. TNA Wrestling warned Stevens in October that if she didn’t respond by December 3, 2010, she would lose her bid to trademark it. She didn’t respond by the deadline and is now officially prohibited from using the name.

— The Motor City Machine Guns are featured on the cover of the latest issue of The Wrestler. They are pictured holding the TNA World Tag Team Championship, which they dropped to Beer Money, Inc. at Genesis.


  • shawn

    the kong headline is

  • scooter

    @CC it depends e.g kaval going by low-ki makes sense wwe came up with the name but look at it team 3d they were the dudleys for years but then wwe bought the rights to the name however a guy like MVP is allowed to use his name which he came up with I’m not saying wwe or tna shouldn’t have the right to trademark there own creations but it just pisses me off when they trademark names that were used in the indys etc.

  • CC

    I love how people have complained for years that WWE are evil for not letting people use names outside of their roster, yet nobody bats an eyelid when TNA does it.
    I’ve always maintained that its just part of the business and that they have every right to do it, but it just makes me laugh that those TNA fans over the years that have insulted WWE for doing it, are now suddenly quiet.

    I also have to agree with Ronald above, that I always saw the name Kong as being somewhat racist, almost saying she looks like a gorilla.

  • Chris

    Maybe the E will name her Saba Kong, and say she’s a distant relative of Saba Simba.

  • kyle

    i got one for awesome kong (Queen Kong)

  • Boondock Saint

    it’s not like the E was going to let her use Awesome Kong anyway.

  • rko

    Donkey Kong is perfect!

  • Jeff

    How about Donkey Kong? 🙂

  • Ronald

    I actually hate the names “Amazing Kong” and “Awesome Kong”. They sound demeaning and even racist. I hope WWE comes up with a better name for Stevens when she finally joins.

  • Will Henderson

    just call a new name and not as Kong ether Amazing or Awesome due to TNA copyright’s department owning the name Awesome Kong.

  • Jeff Miles

    PLEASE….No more Kevin Nash…….

  • misfit

    How about just “Kong”

  • Justin

    Amazing Kong it is.