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8/27 RAW Breakdown: HHH’s Speech, AJ’s Attack on Vickie and More

– As noted before, the August 27th WWE RAW did a 3.1 rating with 4.48 million viewers. Here is the segment breakdown for this week:

Ryback vs. Jack Swagger and Layla vs. Natalya lost 160,000 viewers from the opener. The segment with Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee in the ring gained 439,000 viewers. The Miz vs. John Cena gained 525,000 viewers in the segment that ran through the 9pm time slot.

Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater lost 124,000 viewers while Brodus Clay and Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes with the final anger management segment featuring Kane and Daniel Bryan lost 214,000 viewers. R-Truth vs. Bryan gained 232,000 viewers.

The high point of the show was the Triple H retirement segment. It gained 257,000 viewers and did a 3.51 quarter rating. Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler lost 576,000 viewers. This match likely lost viewers because of the extra hour added to RAW since one would expect the Triple H retirement segment to draw way more than it did. It appears the new 8pm start time is hurting the audience that 10pm brings in.

Zack Ryder vs. David Otunga lost 131,000 viewers. CM Punk vs. Jerry Lawler in a steel cage main event gained 479,000 viewers for a 3.35 overrun rating.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



  • Austin

    Your name would be Shawn

  • Shawn

    They need to either repackage or release Del Rio. This gimmick isn’t working. I say have him get fired (Loser Leaves WWE match with Sheamus). Then he can return as Dos Caras and feud with Sin Cara. Come on, it’s gotta be better than what they’re doing right now. Either that or bring in Matt Morgan, have him grow out a goatee and team him with Del Rio as a new version of Diesel and Razor Ramon. This ain’t rocket science, folks.