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ADR Says He Won’t Be a Good Guy, Update on Undertaker, Langston

– After an apparent face turn at WWE’s TLC pay-per-view on Sunday, Alberto Del Rio took to Twitter and says that he’s not going to be a good guy. Del Rio tweeted:

“Don’t any of you get any ideas that I’m going to be a good guy! If you mess with my best friend all the rules go out the window!”

– As noted earlier, NXT Champion Big E. Langston attacked John Cena at the end of last night’s RAW. Several fans took to Twitter and tweeted injured star Ezekiel Jackson, thinking it was him who attacked Cena.

– All signs point to The Undertaker indeed returning for WrestleMania 29 after Triple H talked about him on last night’s RAW. While accepting the Slammy for Match of the Year, Triple H promised fans that we have not seen the last of The Undertaker.

  • Me

    Personally, at first I thought Bobby Lashley had found himself a bottle of regaine.

  • Zedd

    Shit now I miss Monty Brown, What the fuck happened to him anyway?

  • Matt

    “Several DRUNK, IDIOTIC, STUPID fans took to Twitter and tweeted injured star Ezekiel Jackson, thinking it was him who attacked Cena.”

  • RPM

    langston is very ugly, those close up shots were disturbing and not because of his skin colour.

  • Bawb

    ADR upset people are messing with his best friend when he’s a face, but he has no problem shielding himself and feeding his best friend to his opponents as a heel.

  • The Racist

    F’n Nigs. THey do all look alike…

  • All jokes aside i am looking forward to see what he got.

  • I’ll kill all u racist motherfuckers. lol Especiall u Yo Fitz. None of them look. But Big E does kinda favor lashley like Ice cream bar said. but hopefully he got something different to the table. With Shelton Benjamin, him, Mark Henry, and truth and kingston? NOD2K13 WITH BOOKER T AS THE LEADER!

  • Prince

    Big E Langston, Zeke Jackson, Bobby Lashley, Ahmed Johnson, Monty Brown. All the same person.

  • @RealAllen23 @Twitter

    New Nation! Mark Henry, R-Truth and Big E Langston!!

  • Tashnste

    I thought it was mark henry when he was in the nation when he first ran down!

  • yofitz

    Wrestlemania 29 mainevent:

    Ryback vs Ryblack Big E Lanston

    Brock Lesnar vs Blacky Lashley

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    I’ve never even seen Langston till last night, but he does have a Bobby lashley feel about him. An Impressive physique, but a face that looks completely harmless. In my opinion a wrestlers face is more important. Look at Ambrose, he’s 27 years old with the face of a 37 year old, he has character.

  • Trolol

    Lol racism. They look nothing alike

  • Stevie P

    All black guys look alike?