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Alberto Del Rio Disliked By WWE Colleagues – Details On His Heat Backstage

The Wrestling Observer reports that Alberto Del Rio is disliked by some of his WWE colleagues due to how he carries himself and the belief that his position in the company is unwarranted.

The two-time WWE Champion is seen as off-putting behind the scenes as he portrays himself as a master backstage politician and struts around as a superstar. There is also a perception that he is not over to the level of his sizable push as his matches and promos garner tepid reactions from the audience. Company officials, however, are receptive to the Mexican grappler as they feel he has superstar potential because he’s bilingual, tall and has a “great movie star look.” His push is also fueled by the company’s need for Hispanic stars given the lack of clarity regarding the long-term futures of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.

Meanwhile, Del Rio admitted during an interview last week with Bay area sports radio station 95.7 FM The Game that he doesn’t like many of his WWE peers. When asked who he liked the least, the second-generation wrestler said that he hates The Miz.

“This is not part of the show. I really dislike that guy. I’ve tried to punch him in the face several times, not in the ring I mean outside the ring, but he’s just like a little girl, he’s always running away from me,” Del Rio said.

“There’s a big difference between The Miz and I, I’m a real athlete, he’s just a loud stupid little kid. He’s probably one of those guys that was bullied when he was in school, that’s the reason he’s now oh so loud and he wants to get attention from everybody, but in my case he’s the real deal.”

Del Rio capped off his Miz rant by saying that he doesn’t have many female fans because “he’s fat and ugly.”

  • shawn

    ha ha. WWE locker room sounds like they have grudge issues. still, its tough to just grin and bear it and move on with positivity when there is arrogance. i worked with this type of crap many times, now im in good terms with people with “lush green grass” because of my coping.


    Really? Green? he didnt just show up from Tough Enough Jackass!

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    zigglers and rhodes days are coming, dont worry..
    wwe are just waiting for the right time. Its sometimes a good thing not to rush things…
    they rushed things with the miz and look at him now.

  • Greg

    Del rio definitely is not worth the bill of sale he came with. He’s still fucking green in an american ring and his promos are awful. He has potential but I see no justification for him to be a 2 time wwe champ alrede while dolph Ziggler held the title for a day an Cody Rhodes never touched the gold. So many more deserving guys in front of del rio

  • Nicholas

    Now I don’t know the whole story behind the Miz an his backstage heat. Because I don’t get into the backstage stuff because nobody knows for sure what happens backstage. All I know is Del Rio delivers in the ring. What I mean his rings skills are great and his mic is working. I just feel the Wwe is missing his heel gimmick on Raw right now. I see him becoming champion soon once again. As for the Miz don’t know what is going on just feel the internet is making trouble where there isn’t one. The wrestling Obsever is another that seem like they try to stir up trouble. All I say is look at what you see don’t go by what you read on the internet. Because most time the stories turns out to be just that a story with no truth. I still believe in the Miz he has been giving nothing and work hard for everything he has gotten. He went from jobber to headling Wrestlmania is he in a funk right now yes but I just see the Miz coming back bigger and stronger then before. An Del Rio don’t think he is going anyewhere already a 2 time Wwe champion where they short yes. But he will have more and longer title run. Does Wwe have problems right now yes. But the Miz and Del Rio are the future of wrestling an feel both will have more titles run.

  • scooter

    I’ve got a tan and I am willing to learn spanish I’ll take sin caras push for half the pay and I’ll botch half as much you in hunter?

  • Matt


    The funny thing is in TNA I don’t recall Anderson getting injured at all….. something to say for the WWE style/schedule or the fact that he’s gotten better since leaving WWE?

  • k91xxx

    Del rio is the man!!

  • CC

    how many times have we seen stories of this guy has heat or that girl has heat, and 99% of the time it amounts to nothing.
    we all remember a time when all we used to read was reports of how bad Orton was, yet that never stopped him getting pushed week in and week out for years now.

  • Chris


    The only reason Orton wouldn’t get injured doing the same is because he would have already injured himself practicing his taunts in the locker-room.

  • Sean Mooney

    I remember there was an interview with Del Rio after he won his first WWE title, he said, “I plan on retiring in five years”. Who says that after winning their first WWE title? Not to mention he hasn’t been in WWE that long. So that was a year ago, he’s missed over a month with a groin injury, so he’s got less than four years left?

  • Good R-Truth

    I like Alberto Del Rio but I like the legend that is Ricardo Rodriguez!!! much more.

  • Bill

    Who cares about his promos or in-ring work? Apparently, Del Rio’s a huge dick.

  • venom


    I don’t think we’ll ever see a Orton vs Kennedy match. Kennedy would get injuried just walking to the ring.

  • emerson

    I’d probably have to agree with the guys who don’t like him in the locker room, He does come off extremely cocky and its easy to tell that he doesn’t just act that way when the camera’s are rolling. I think he got a little too much too fast and now his head is huge. I’ve never been a fan of Del Rio’s character and I don’t think I ever will be. I think he is a sub-par wrestler and I don’t really care to watch his matches anymore. I don’t think I’ve ever been excited to watch a single segment or match of his and I don’t really even see what WWE see’s in him. He is bilingual? that’s why you want to keep him around that’s laughable I’m sure there are tons more bilingual hispanic wrestlers with much more talent and charisma than this jerkoff!

  • CM Mark

    Blah blah blah endeavor the loser already.

  • Fred

    Well, Maryse is a fan of the Miz…I think that’s all he needs.

  • cakes

    this is what the WWE needs to do every now and then to create stars, angles, and entertaining feuds. Regardless if this was character talk or not, this will be great down the line for the WWE to build some real life tension between these guys. One of the reasons triple H was such a massive heel and was tremendously over with the crowd was because of stories like these. To his credit, HHH was/is a great worker that took that real life heat for dating Steph, using his backstage power to politic, and burying other stars to become a top draw. Alberto Del Rio should do more public bashing of other stars to increase the real life hate that the audience will eventually develop for him, plus, if they ever decide to turn the miz face, this will be the perfect foundation for a, I know many will dislike my word choice, but a dream feud due to the real life hatred and tension between Miz and Del Rio.
    Little off topic, but the one dream match that I would love to see at WM in the next few years would be Randy Orton vs Mr Kennedy due to the real life hatred between these two lol

  • ML

    Well they did make him WWE Champion really quick so it was kind of their fault for giving him a big ego already.

  • Bawb

    If they really want to fuck with Del Rio, they could give him a Tony Montana gimmick. He sure sounds like it.

  • Effmenow

    LOL the two most hated superstars in the locker room publicly talking shit against each other. I can only imagine the jokes this will get started in the back.