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Attack Ad Launched Toward Linda McMahon, Slammed For Past Ties To WWE


Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy is taking Linda McMahon to task over her past ties to WWE as the Connecticut Senate hopeful released a new television advertisement Wednesday accusing the wrestling executive of laying off employees while her company hauled millions in tax credits.

The ad also accuses McMahon of denying Medicare, Social Security and unemployment to her wrestlers.

“McMahon laid off workers while taking millions in tax credits. Denied them health care,” the advertisement says.

In response, WWE said to that its full-time employees have always had health insurance, while its wrestlers are responsible for acquiring their own health insurance.

According to Murphy’s campaign, McMahon laid off 10 percent of her work force in 2009 and then received about $10 million in tax credits designed to create jobs.

“Since day one, McMahon has been running on her record as a ‘job creator,’ but the truth is that McMahon is a job killer,” said Murphy spokeswoman Taylor Lavender.

WWE said after reducing its work force by 10 percent, the tax credits enabled the company expand its work force by almost 30 percent.

The ad also states, “Linda McMahon took home $46 million a year. Now she’s proposing to give herself an up to $7 million tax cut. That’s the real Linda McMahon. She takes care of herself, no matter who pays the price. Linda McMahon, profits before people.”

McMahon campaign spokesman Todd Abrajano said of Murphy’s attack, “This new ad from Chris Murphy is just a desperate attempt to distract from the issues that come to light in his campaign.”

  • eric

    linda has about as much chance of winning senate ct. as tna has of being legit competion for wwe. which neither of 2 is going to happen. that why wwe is pg. so linda can have clean image. so she can get in senate. just like superstar billy graham said on youtube 2 yrs ago. wwe treats jim ross like shit. wwe treated mickie james like crap. with that bully piggie james bs storyline. it is kinda funny wwe doing this anti bully thing be a star. since there is no bigger bully walking the earth than vince mcmahon. he mock jim ross in june. making fun of his medical condtion. how sad and pathetic!

  • Matt

    would have been funny if they inserted wrestling moves/terms into that ad.

    “Linda McMahon doesn’t give a swanton bomb about her wrestlers”

    “Linda McMahon laid the smackdown on 10% of her workforce to get a tax break”

    etc.. etc.. 😛

  • wf3458

    Funny for the dislike but it the damn truth. Maybe the DNSC should talk to people like AW about his was treated during his short time. One mess up and he teremated or ask some of there current superstars like Alex Reily who after one DWI he is jobbing that push that he was suppost to get but never got. But Vince favorite Randy Orton has like his fifth srike on drugs and he main event status. Or how they treat there legends like Jim Ross where they mock his bells posey. The Mcmahon family has a lot of explaining to do next couple of months on how there run there business. It shaddy and corrupt and hopefully this election can shed some light to the voiceless in the WWE.

  • adam

    There right and the fact is she needs to realize she is never going to win this.

  • Matt

    I can’t say that what the attack ad is saying is wrong….

  • wf3458

    More to mind they bury the undercard talents and declined there talent and staff to organize. Shows how the McMahon are really are

  • mike

    “for her wrestler” lmao

  • centerman

    LOL. I tend to vote Blue anyway.