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Austin Comments on WWE TE Season 2, Miss USA Misses RAW, Scott Hall News

– Steve Austin appeared on KATT radio in Oklahoma City Monday morning to promote last night’s Tough Enough finale. Regarding a second season of the show, Austin said:

“I had a damn blast doing this show… It’s a deal where USA Network and WWE are going to have a little bit of a tiff and make sure they’ve got all their ducks in a row. If this show didn’t get lit up for a second season, I would be highly surprised.”

Austin was also asked if he would be interested in commentating for WWE. Austin said he hadn’t thought much about it but would be up for giving it a try. He said he wouldn’t want to be on the road every week but said if he was doing it with Jim Ross, it would be an easy transition.

– Scott Hall told TMZ last night that he’s looking to auction off the NWO vest he wore at WrestleMania 18. Hall says he’s looking to auction the piece off because it’s “collecting dust” at home and he wants it to go to someone who will appreciate it, not just for money.

– No word yet on why Miss USA Rima Fakih wasn’t on RAW last night with the rest of the Tough Enough cast. We do know that she was in Las Vegas over the weekend finishing out her duties as the reigning Miss USA.

  • venom


    Yea, now she’ll probably try to show up on Jersey Shore. I’m sure if she was at Vegas over the weekend, I’m sure she was finishing duties 😉 I hope she says hi to The Godfather for me.

  • Camille

    Jim Ross and Steve Austin on commentary? YES PLEASE.

  • 19Fusion91

    I hope they bring in TE2 and hopefully Steve Austin is still the guest host, the past TE was good but the new was pretty good. Big fan of TE

  • RJ

    SOLD!! to the man with the 2 bottles of whisky!

  • Ronni

    il start the bidding of Scott Halls vest with 2 bottles of whisky,
    going once, going twice…….

  • nick

    who cares… she was a cutie tho…

  • CC

    By my reckoning, Rima couldnt be arsed with WWE anymore as she only went into Tough Enough to be a bit more famous.
    She’ll just move onto whatever tv show etc that she can gain a little more fame/time in the spotlight from.