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Austin Expected to Wrestle Final Match at WrestleMania 30

– Coming out of the SummerSlam weekend events in Los Angeles, word from sources is that Steve Austin will indeed be wrestling one more match with WWE but that match most likely will not take place at WrestleMania 29 in 2013.

Austin’s final match isn’t expected to happen until WrestleMania 30 in 2014.

The story is that Austin won’t come back for anything but a WrestleMania main event. Those familiar with Austin’s situation note that he’s not physically or mentally ready for the match to take place next year.

Source: PWInsider

  • john

    the rock avs austin with a full wrestlemania run up!!

  • KingAlbert

    i wouldn’t care if he never wrestled again. Whats wrong with wrestlers staying retired? WWE loves flogging a dead horse, keep riding wrestlers until they’re crippled and can’t want anymore. Leave him alone. He’s given more then enough.

    I want austin to be walking until the day he dies. 🙁

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    Lesnar didn’t NEED the money but he took the offer because it was such an easy choice to make. 5 million for working about 4 matches. He then jobbed to Cena because he was told to, not because he chose to, and most likely didn’t care either way because he is just there for an easy payday.

  • Bill

    If motherf*cking John Cena main events WM 30 while Punk vs. Austin is on the card, I will never respect the WWE again.

  • scooter

    Honestly I think Rock/Cena made sense too guys both big draws who had a some simmilarties (A non PG Cenas humour can certainly be compared to the Rock)but had some total opposites such as the fact The Rock is the peoples champ and the people are anti Cena the same goes for Austin/Punk both outspoken rebels but the difference being ones a beer guzzling redneck the other doesn’t touch alchohol at all. I think thats why it made sense for Punk/Rock to come second to Cena/Rock and vice versa if we can get two matches out of Austin great both those matches are the way to go but if he’s only up for one it has to be Punk!

  • kolton

    I would like it to be Austin vs. Punk, and I wouldn’t mind it for the WWE title, and I wouldn’t mind it if punk lost, and Austin gave up the title right then and there, in the middle of the ring. Then again, I love Punk, and would just love to see him win in general.

  • Tombstone

    D2K i disliked your comment because you talk shit! neither are intriguing.

  • D2K

    Right. I could take Cena or Punk vs. Austin at 30. Both match-ups are intriguing for different reasons.

  • scooter

    Whoever faces The Rock at wrestlemania next year (Cena or Punk) will be the guy to face Austin without a doubt. It just makes sense you beat the Rock the you say you go down as the best but then the glass shatters and the rest is history!

  • D2K

    @Sheep Dog: Yeah I know, but I don’t speak idiot so those obscenity-laced, insult-laded, pro-Dwayne comments that appear when anyone does anything other than bounce in Dwayne’s lap don’t phase me. It’s clearly all they have in life.

    @Sam: There is always a possibility that he could face Punk and Taker. If they offered him enough money I would be willing to bet he’d take on Punk at 29 and Taker at 30. However, as CM Punk stated it would be “unfair” to Austin to have his match NOT be the main event like you said and with Dwayne most likely having his rematch with Cena at 29 that will probably be the main event because that is what he wants. Austin deserves to have the spotlight in his final match so that could be why they are panning to wait until 30 rather than 29.

    That would give significant time to build CM Punk back up as a monster-heel.

  • sam

    Austin vs Punk would be the dream match for me. him facing Undertaker would be good but we know how that would end and i agree he should be the main event the greatest superstar of all time deserves that

  • EdgeHead34

    Wrestlemania 30 in Toronto!!!!!!!

  • CaptainMarvel

    Either that, or Cena wins title at Night of Champions … Rock beats Cena at Rumble … Cena v Rock II at WrestleMania 29 – with Cena winning title back.

  • Superman

    My prediction rock beats cm punk for the title at the royal rumble cena wins the royal rumble and we get cena vs rock 2 which cena wins at mania and regains his title

  • TheSheepDog

    well i agree with D2K, but i think you have pissed off all these dwayne lovers 🙁 2 things you dont do here, 1, say bad or anything other than praising of rock, 2, as before, but about Punk 😛

  • Tombstone

    FUCK U D2K!!! the Rock is the greatest!! cena should never have won against rock and he didnt!!! i should give your moma a slap for bringing up such a retarded cunt!

  • D2K

    @ Ice cream: Brock Lesnar came in from being gone from WWE for 8 years and jobbed to the top guy in the company. Something that The Rock SHOULD have done, was SUPPOSED to do, but didn’t.

    Lesnar has millions of dollars in the bank from his previous WWE career and the UFC. He didn’t need to come back. WWE made overtures to HIM. Just because the WWE is not ‘his life’ doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect the business or his peers. I think his jobbing to Cena when he had absolutely no reason to was proof-positive that he has respect for the business.

    Cena needed to be put over and he did it. Something Dwayne thought was beneath him to do.

  • Evans54


  • nin

    it be awesome if he wrestle cena the top star of their era or he goes after the undertaker streak at wrestlemaina.

  • D2K

    Wrestlemania 30 better be at Cowboys Stadium then. There is still hope for Austin/Taker. To have Austin career come full circle and have his last match be against the guy he had his first professional match against.

    Not only that, Austin has an impressive win/loss record over taker and an impressive Wrestlemania record to boot. Never would Taker’s streak be in more jeopardy than against Austin. Also, Taker is schooled enough to protect Austin in the ring as well. Even though he probably could use a Tombstone or Last Ride, Taker has so many finishers you wouldn’t miss it much. Or Austin might just take those spots. I’ve seen him take some choke-slams from Kane post-retirement.

    The NBA broke the WWE’s long-standing indoor-attendance record in 2010 packing 108,000 people into Cowboys Stadium. A final match between Austin/Taker definitely would sell that place out and easily break that record.

  • Robinson

    I would lmao if they had him wrestle cena, omg that would be the wwe though.

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    I hope Austin doesn’t choose Lesnar to be his opponent. Austins Last match should be against somebody that has respect for the business.

  • Hank

    And he SHOULDN’T come back for anything but a WrestleMania main event. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the greatest superstar in the history of the WWE (and no, I’m not one of those sheep who believes everything Vince McMahon tells me to, Austin just…..IS) and I don’t want to see him wrestling get overshadowed by Rock, Undertaker, Lesnar, Triple H and Cena.

  • arm

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The American Dream Funaki… Book it Booker T!

  • 1919dpg

    if he faces punk. it could possibly be punks retirement aswell. punk has always hinted that he’ll be retiring soon.

  • Aiden1990

    For the love of god please let this be true !

  • Luke

    If everybody’s counting down the days till wrestlemania 30 to see stone cold give me a HELL YEAH!!!