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Autopsy Results Disclosed For Randy Savage – Cause Of Death Unknown

An autopsy was completed yesterday on Randy Savage and the cause of death is still “pending,” reports adds that the Medical Examiner in Pinellas County, Florida did not notice “extensive trauma” to his body while conducting the autopsy.

Toxicology results are expected to be released in four to six weeks.

Savage died in a car accident Friday in Seminole, Florida when his 2009 Jeep Wrangler veered across a concrete median, through oncoming traffic, and “collided head-on with a tree.”

Savage was pronounced dead at Largo Medical Center while his wife Barbara Lynn suffered minor injuries.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    I guess he snapped into a slim jim< oh yeahhhh!!!

  • Mannul

    Wow,just wow. People and their stupid remarks and arguments,even when it’s about someone who just died. Have some respect and leave it alone.

  • ##

    I agree with Ray and Boomski. Maybe there was some sort of argument between the two and maybe she’s at fault or he is.

  • Boomski

    You guys never heard of psycho girlfriends? I knew a dude in high school that was driving with his g/f and were arguing. She grabbed the wheel, hit the median, and flipped the car. And then she also sued him and won.

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    @ RAY

    ::shakes head::

    I aint sayin… im just sayin…

  • GreasyRabbit75

    Ray, you’re a fucking idiot. Just sayin’.

  • misfit del rio

    And the stupid comment of the day goes to ( drum roll please)……… ray!

  • Matt

    youre a moron ray

  • skitzo

    @ Ray. Why would she “jerk the wheel into the other lane” when she is in the car with him? That sounds pretty stupid.

  • Center

    Hope there was no foul play. Hope it was just his time. Natural.

  • Ray

    I wonder if she jerked the wheel into the other lane. Possible homicide!?