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More Backstage Details on WWE’s Big Creative Shake-Up

– As noted before, there was major heat backstage at last night’s RAW and Brian Gewirtz has been dismissed from his duties writing RAW. Gewirtz will remain with the company as a consultant but there’s talk that these changes may be the beginning of the end for Gewirtz and even SmackDown writer Ed Koskey. WWE keeping him as a consultant may be their way of working out what’s left of his contract.

Gewirtz was actually dismissed on Friday but the word was kept quiet over the weekend. Gewirtz was not the RAW head writer but he had been writing both RAW and SmackDown from WWE headquarters in Stamford with the rest of the non-traveling creative team.

As noted, Eric Pankowski will be replacing Gewirtz. Pankowski has been with the company since February and it’s said that Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon are very high on him.

There’s expected to be a lot more changes within WWE soon. Most everyone is nervous and scared for their jobs.

We noted last night that Vince held a meeting before RAW and told the writers that he wants results or resignations. Vince added that those changes starts at the top with him. The situation was described as very scary.

Source: PWInsider

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    To me change is needed and last night Raw was a good example in the new pg era we dont see many action or contraversial segment but last night raw was good with larry king and is wife vs miz insulting each others throwing water to is face,Barette and Sheamus was good match, you have jbl vs cole and jr throwing verbal shoot at each other,vince punk segment in the ring , punk vs either cena or ryback leave us with a ??? In our head for next week raw then their match vince vs punk,then punk with a fan at the end.This is the only raw lately who look a bit like an attitude era raw