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Backstage News on Bobby Roode, Update on King Mo Lawal Starting with TNA

– MMA star and TNA talent King Mo Lawal told that is about two months away from going to TNA’s developmental program at OVW in Louisville, Kentucky. Lawal said his knee should be 95% to 100% by then.

Lawal also talked about an upcoming training session with WWE announcer Booker T and mentioned how he would like for UFC star Rampage Jackson to come be his tag team partner in TNA.

– There continues to be a lot of praise within TNA for World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode.

One person noted that while Austin Aries is a polarizing figure in the company – loved by those in charged, liked personally by a lot of the talents but also disliked by many and also a person that some people don’t like having matches with for various reasons – Roode is the opposite in that all of the wrestlers not only like him personally but they love working with him in the ring. The TNA writing team is also high on Roode, particularly head writer Bruce Prichard.

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  • sepulz

    Johncena33 you’re overrated you ignorant retard shut the hell up already. Roode is a great talent and I (and many others mind you) love to watch him work

  • JohnCena33

    ROODE IS OVERRATED. Every time I watch his matches there so friggin boring, and he is horrible in the ring.

  • JIR

    its kind of obvious how would get a push from management a guy with talent that everyone like and has a good attitude or a guy with talent the not everyone likes and has a “bad” attitude

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I don’t understand why people “don’t like having matches with (him) for various reasons”. I don’t think he’s too rough compared to say Bully Ray or Samoa Joe, and I think he always makes his opponents and himself look good.

  • Tony


    I’m agreeing with Scooter. if you knew basic wrestling, you’d know that on a brainbuster, the guy taking the move pretty much chooses HOW they take the bump. Joe is just a really good bumper/seller.

  • poko

    Roode is just an incredible wrestler. There are lots of guys who are talented enough to make themselves look good, but Roode almost always makes his opponent look great, which is why his matches are usually high quality. That’s a special ability. I’m really enjoying his title run, and I get the feeling that whomever he feuds with, the matches will be entertaining.

  • scooter

    That’s probably why it’s so effective looks dangerous but it’s actually really safe. best example I can think of was rollerball rocko (old british wrestler)everything he did looked legit but apparently he was very safe.

  • SYM

    Aries may be a little rough in the ring but hes a great talent. His attitude could be bad to those in TNA but honestly…….HE WAS JACOB CASS GOD DAMIT YOU CANT HATE HIM!

  • Dave

    I just get the feeling that his Brainbuster move is a broken neck waiting to happen. The way Samoa Jo landed at Slammiversary was sick. Most guys deliver a Brainbuster as just a suplex while throwing your legs out from under you. Aries looked like he legitimately dropped Jo on the top of his head.

  • scooter

    Anyone who’s done as little as listen to an interview with Aries knows he’s arrogant but the problem with that is his talent warrants a push I can understand the dilemma. Waits for idiot marks to say “oh but he’s so good attitude means nothing”