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Backstage News on Bryan vs. Sheamus, Lesnar vs. Orton Match Discussed, More

– Despite WWE changing their stance on the “YES!” chants and Daniel Bryan’s popularity continuing, the plan as of this past week was still for the Bryan vs. Sheamus feud to end at Extreme Rules and for Alberto Del Rio to step up and feud with Sheamus. Extreme Rules will be interesting as Bryan likely will be cheered big time by the Chicago fans.

– We noted before that The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar or John Cena is penciled in for the WrestleMania 29 main event with Lesnar being the most likely opponent, depending on how his current run goes between now and late 2012. There has been debate over who would be Lesnar’s perfect WrestleMania opponent as Steve Austin and The Undertaker would also fit.

On a related note, the idea of Lesnar vs. Randy Orton main eventing this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view was thrown around this past week.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Jeremy

    taker vs lesnar vs rock vs austin in a fatal 4 way to try and end the streak would be the only thing wwe hasn’t tried to accomplish in a taker wrestlemania match. The dynamics and all those egos in one ring to attempt the impossible would be awesome. Then, retire taker as undefeated at WM after that.

  • SYM

    My SummerSlam:
    Sharkboy vs Rey Mysterio in a Kamala’s Foot Match (Loser Joins Power Rangers in Space)
    Amazing Red vs Lil Jimmy
    Hulk Hogan Sex Tape being Leaked (X-Pac’s theme in Background)
    My Little Pony Rainbow Dash vs The Cuddler
    Gillberg vs Big Dick Johnson
    Undertaker vs Kamala’s Leg (Loser loses another Leg)

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    that is good too…

  • Ant

    i meant to say taker helps up kane

  • Ant

    @hornswoggler…not really feelin that idea much how bout this..kane challenges The Undertaker saying he has always been the better brother and will prove it once and for all at wrestlemania 30…the match will have many nearfalls and high spots with Kane performing a tombstone piledriver but taker kicking out and then taker wins via tombstone and afterwards kane helps up the undertaker and the two embrace and kane and the undertaker do the brothers of destruction pose one final time and retire together and both go into the hall of fame the following year with them inducting eachother

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    Kane would be an interesting opponent because their last feud saw Kane go over taker on many occasions..
    One way it could happen would be a chokeslam from the top of the ropes by taker on Kane with both going through the mat. Then the ring would just burst in flames…..ending the match and officially ending both careers in one instance.
    of course, going into wrestlemania, kane would have to be a total dominating machine and taker would have to say that he will do whatever is necessary to rid wwe of his evil…..leading up to that chokeslam where taker sacrifices himself at the same time…..:)

  • Ant

    @hornswoggler…Rhodes over Punk I think not i would rather see Jericho challenge the undertaker rather than rhodes who has absolutely NO history with the undertaker plus punk and the undertaker did have a feud a few years back so that could be used in the storyline but u also forgot to mention KANE as the undertakers potential last wrestlemania opponent as that could be a good retirement match for both men

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    no disrespect to you my friend, but that sounds like a clusterfuck!!!!
    I applaud your ideas though….

  • Wellsy


    Couldn’t agree more. The fact that the World Heavyweight title match was the 4th most important match on the card and relegated to opening the show speaks volumes.

    The two most important matches should be the title matches. If they wanna have all these other headline matches (no problem with that), they need to make sure the two title matches are strong enough to be bigger headlines, otherwise the title looks weak.

    I guess one quick fix could be to have an Undisputed Championship match to main event WM every year. Start the show with RR winner vs WH/WWE Champion, middle of show EC winner vs WH/WWE Champ, and the two winners to headline the show.

    Undisputed Champion defends both belts singularly (similar to RVDs ECW/WWE title reigns). Only time both can be won is WrestleMania, so the ME is unique to the rest of the year and not just another title match.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    taker only has a maximum of 3 wrestlemanias left….they wont waste any of those matches on average challengers without any sort of storyline from the past. I am not saying punk is average because he isnt, but he has nothing tying him to taker other than a couple of matches 2 summers ago.
    I think the 3 legitimate challengers would be lesnar this year, john cena at wrestlemania 30 and maybe, just maybe cody rhodes with the right seasoning over the next 3 years…
    i am really not interested in seeing stars from the past come back and try to end the streak. stone cold and the rock will not do it…it would not further their careers at all…

  • kamala’s leg

    Kamala vs Undertaker in a loser loses other leg match.

  • Ant

    I know this is a weird idea but why not have CM PUNK take a crack at the undertaker at wrestlemania 29 i mean the guys done everything in the wwe but hold the u.s. title and try to break the streak so why not i mean cm punk and taker have had great matches in the past

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    bring back the winged eagle!!!!
    in my opinion, when cody rhodes wins the wwe title he will bring back the winged eagle belt as he did with the ic title..he brought back the version that was legitimate and not a toy from walmart..
    he should make it his quest to do this with all the major titles….including the tag titles…bring back the classic ones and get rid of those oversized pennies…lol

  • NO

    I’d rather see The Rock vs. Stone Cold at WM one more time, or team attitude (The Rock, Stone Cold, HHH, Undertaker vs. Team New Generation (John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar in a match that is similar to the Alliance vs. WWE match at survivor series 2001. but way better.

  • TheProudRepublican

    “Randy is the youngest World Champion, but that belt don’t mean anything anymore, and i can see the WWE getting rid of that belt in the future.”

    IMO, the World Title is more valuable than the WWE Title, as long the WWE title looks like a cheap piece of shit toy.

  • Nicholas

    I only see one person facing Brock Lasner at Wrestlmania 29 an that is Undertaker. This match was talk about long before Brock signed with WWE when he was UFC Champion. I just don’t see Brock facing anybody else. The internet are going to stir the pot make all of the internet fans go nuts over nothing. But to me it is going to be Undertaker vs Brock Lasner at WM 29 it is why Lasner is back.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    We don’t want to see Lesnar vs. Stone Cold! We want to see CM Punk vs. Stone Cold!

  • sam

    there saying how Austin could be an opponent for lesnar due to past history but i like so many others would love to see CM Punk vs Austin at WM29 it would be something special with them being polar opposites etc

  • Bill

    I’d love to see Lesnar vs. Punk at Summerslam. If Paul Heyman got involved, imagine how awesome that feud would be…

  • Brock is still the youngest WWE Champion ever.

    Randy is the youngest World Champion, but that belt don’t mean anything anymore, and i can see the WWE getting rid of that belt in the future.

  • 1919dpg

    @devil-rising remember wm18?? the crowd was dead for y2j v hhh..

  • Nicholas

    I really feel when it comes to Randy Orton they need to turn him back into a major heel why because as of right now nobody in the WWE at this point is a better one. An have him be a heel on both Raw and Smackdown. I feel Randy as a face is very boring and he had said in the past how he enjoy being a heel.

    Now as for who facing who at Wrestlmania look it is a long time off. The internet dirt sheet is trying to WWE for just about anything. I am just watching WWE and not worried to much what the internet has to say.

  • Devil_Rising

    You know that WWE has ZERO faith in any of their other, newer, younger stars, when two WM PPVs running, they “pencil in” some novelty match involving former wrestlers past their prime. Nothing against the Rock, but he and Cena didn’t belong in the main event. A World/WWE title match should almost always be the main event of a major PPV. Period.

    Otherwise, it just makes the titles look weaker and less important. Oh right…WWE quit making titles look important years ago….

  • đšćžčš

    lesnar vs cro cop on wm

  • Gorilla

    SummerSlam id like see:
    Rock vs Brock rematch
    Taker returns and Austin returns challenging the streak for mania 29
    Bryan vs Christian world title
    Punk vs HHH WWE TITLE

  • Gorilla

    And give Bryan back is belt

  • Gorilla

    Rock vs Brock 10 year rematch….orton hasn’t been a main player in a while and lost kane who cena beat 3 months leading to mania, come on vince you want ratings give us big matches outside of mania

  • theMark

    It should be Kamala’s feet vs Buff Bagwell’s neckbrace in a Handicap Match!!!

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I don’t see Lesnar losing a match (cleanly) until Wrestlemania. I think it should be Lesnar/Taker.

  • dave

    the thing about the next 2-3 wrestlemanias is that they all revolve around Undertaker,Brock & The Rock as far as new BIG matches. taker vs Brock/The Rock/Cena or Brock vs The Rock/HHH. i think maybe HHH vs the Rock would be kinda cool but i dont see how it gives them any momentum unless Rock wins and tries to end the streak at WM30.a brock vs HHH match as been a long time coming. Cena vs Taker is also a possibility but until Rock/Brock has had their shot at he streak

  • Valo487

    I’d much rather see Lesnar vs. Undertaker personally.

  • James

    Two news updates ago this website said after Extreme Rules it was gonna be a Christian, Bryan, Sheamus three way world title feud. WTF!

  • 1919dpg

    They just don’t know what to do to kill danielsons popularity.. this is exactly why the wwe is so bad nowadays..
    they’re always going on about how guys need to get themselves over and when 1 guy FINALLY starts gaining momentum they try and kill it as if to say stay in ur place.. you weren’t supposed to get this over. we want so and so in the main event and we’ll shove them down peoples throats until they’re accepted.

    all this bs booking is hurting sheamus aswell. people were so annoyed by the booking that they took it out on sheamus while they cheered bryan.

  • SheepDog

    well i suppose he he doing the cena got his place because i left angle, and orton took lesners youngest wwe champ title, both also did it at SS. but ofcourse that is too much genuine history to be part of a storyline fi it was a SS match

    barr sheep barr