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Backstage News on Cena & AJ Teaming, Photo of Punk and Lita

– WWE camera crews were at Thursday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in Chicago filming WWE Champion CM Punk. We should be seeing some of that footage on WWE TV this coming week. Reader Mark J. sent along the following photo of Punk and Lita in the parade together:

cm punk lita parade

– WWE officials had been building towards a mixed tag match with John Cena and AJ Lee vs. Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler but with Tamina Snuka being introduced into the storyline, she may end up being Ziggler’s partner.

  • y2j nigga

    Aj sucking vince dick

  • Tombstone

    Cody is a fine specimen of a man! and u have stupdied many photos of him, at very differing angles, in order to ge tthe best result! would you like my collectio Will? 😛

    Cody is the true face of the wwe and cock if im honest!! No one elses, even cenas, can compare, hence why his wife divorced him!! hahaa small asian dick right there!!!

  • Will

    What “angles” did you examine Tombstone? The only thing that Cody does better than Dolph is his lisp.

  • Sean Combs

    I laugh at the IWC (some) a year ago these forums where claiming for Rayder to get a chance… they gave it to him and he did nothing with it. Later it was CM Punk and he did something but since he got over, no one is a supporter anymore. Now the big shot is Ziggler… I wonder what will everyone here say once he becomes champion. Will he be a sell out?

  • tim

    I agree about Aj and Ziggler. I think it’ll come out that it was him she was having the affair with so he can be pushed with a younger more hip manager to help give him the “rub” from her popularity because the crowd will be pissed when she turns heel.

  • Tombstone

    no offense Jon-Jon, but Dolph does not have the package, Cody Rhodes does!! i have compared from all and various angles in high res! Also watch how you praise a fellow man wrestler, as people on here will think you’re gay and that of course, to shallow minds is wrong!

  • Jon-Jon

    Dolph has gotten the same build that HBK got. Part of a team, goes off on his own, gets paired with an over heel manager, now breaks off to become his own star. Dolph is the total package. Without a doubt.

  • DaveyH

    I agree with Bill, Ziggler already made a few comments on Smackdown which made me think that there was potential for AJ to turn and side with him.

  • Bill

    I feel that AJ will end up turning on Cena & siding with Ziggler, but that’s just me.

  • sean

    we won’t see pictures cuz it will be a heel champion laughing and doing something good

  • Buttercastle

    I was hoping Ziggler was finally branching away from Vickie.

  • scooter

    I don’t like the angle but it gets two divas with talent tv time they wouldn’t get otherwise so I can put up with it.

  • Little Jimmy

    John Cena, Tamina’s comin fo yo Nugguh!