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- There have been a lot of comparisons made backstage regarding how World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is booked similar to how Triple H was booked a few years back with very few clean losses and lots of protection. It’s no secret that The Great White and The Game are close off-camera.

- At last word, John Cena was not booked to win the WWE Title from CM Punk at the SummerSlam pay-per-view next month. Cena is scheduled to face Punk in one of the SummerSlam main events.

The plan going back months has been for Cena to get back in the WWE Title picture at Night of Champions from his hometown of Boston. A source expects to see Cena capture the WWE Title then.

Source: F4Wonline.com

  • scooter

    In all honesty although I think Triple H was selfish when Hunter dropped the belt it meant something. Lets be honest nobody had Benoit beating him clean and no one had him defending it sucessfully in that iron man match we all said Hunter was gonna put himself back in the spotlight so when Benoit won it came as more of a shock and it solidified him as that guy who could do what no other man could beat triple h. Batista was the same only on a lesser scale since it had already been done.

  • rob

    I don’t like the fact that one of my favorite wrestlers, Dolph Ziggler, gets knocked out by that retarded Karate Kid Brogue Kick EVERY F@#$%^! WEEK! COME ON WITH THIS CRAP!

  • evetorres_chin

    id rather suck eve torres’ chin dry then suffer another 3 months of sheamus holding the title

  • yofits

    Sheamus is a stupid white prick who should die asap.

  • chronoxiong

    The almighty Sheamus is clearly not going to lose his Title anytime soon. It’s plainly obvious.

  • Tyler(:

    “I remember in 2008, Triple was practicably unstoppable after he won the title off Orton.” Until he lost it too him later in the night.

  • wwefan07

    I remember in 2008, Triple was practicably unstoppable after he won the title off Orton.

  • scooter

    In fairness Sheamus is a big dominant babyface he has to look unstoppable Triple H was a heel he should have been losing more non tile matches clean.

  • JohnCena33

    If Sheamus was a monster heel and champion he would be so much better. have a upcoming babyface such as Ziggler pursue him for a couple months and gain belt. Thats how Sheamus needs to be booked, as a heel.

    And also give CHRISTIAN THE DAMN world heavyweight championship. A great wrestler, everyone likes him, good as a heel or face, and can feud with so many people, personally I like him to feud with Cena just don’t give Cena the belt.

  • SuperCena < Divorce Papers

    Cena and Sheamus as champions at the same time would be horrendous.

    The 2 most stale gimmicks in the company holding belts. Yeah, great booking there…

  • JohnCena33

    Wish WWE would sign older divas. The older divas would help bring up the new names and can put them over. Also if The Rock and Brock could actually put over younger talents such as Rhodes, Barrett, and Ziggler, then it would help WWE heading into the future to build up big money drawing stars.

  • eric

    I mean from what wwe is doing. was plan was for rock vs cm punk at rr ppv for wwe title. do we really want to see another cena title reign? way it is going he is going to beat ric flair title reign of 16 times in year. cena doesn’t need to be wwe champion. was i look at wwe title. it is prop to see if someone can get over. cena is all ready over with little kiddies. as kiddie hero. i mean he doesn’t need another wwe title reign. also it shows that vince has no hope or confidence in anyone on roster not name john cena. that why he is bringing back rock, lesnar names from past. because what does hhh, rock, lesnar, austin, have in common? they can still draw alot money. draw big ppv buys big ratings. as cash cows. vince loves that. also i would go so far to say. if trish were to signed a 1 yr deal with wwe. divas would be alive again. she would be diva champion in week. divas would be revelant again. that why wwe and vince ask trish to come back for match at wm27 last yr. because let face it these divas are not intersting can’t cut promos or conncet with crowds. like lita, trish can. did u hear that large pop and ovation when trish and lita were on raw1000th? vince wwe should just signed trish and lita for 1 yr contract or even 2 yr they would make writers give a damn. just saying today divas and superstars are not draws. torrie wilson were come back she would get large ovation. i say signed trish or one of ex divas contract let’s give damn about divas again.

  • TheSheepDog

    @Bill my sentiments exactly! I have been saying the same for years about building storylines and using talent(s) correctly. I personally have not enjoyed a single title run since JBL, yes he was very, very irritating and got under our skin, but that is what was great about his run.

  • Bill

    The thing is Triple H always won when he was a heel, making it easy to hate him & support those who chased the title. With Sheamus on the other hand, he’s a clean face & constantly wins when he says he will. No challenges, no effort, he just wins… storyline-wise, that is. Because of this, we get behind his challengers. If Sheamus was chasing the title for months & months, with a lot of back & forth moments with the champ, then won the title, it’d be easier to get behind him. I used to love the Brogue Kick, but now I always get worried any time he runs at anyone, dreading he’ll kick them.

  • JohnCena33

    @Shawn, SUMMERSLAM COMES BEFORE NoC, so it would be Punk debuting a new title at summerslam, then Cena taking it away from him at Noc.

  • 1919dpg

    the rock will face cena and hopefuly punk will face austin.

    i’m curious and somewhat worried for Danielson. i wonder what they’ll do with him.

  • Jimbo

    I know it’s inevitable that Cena is going to be champ again, but I’d really like to see Rock vs Punk first.

  • Shawn

    So let Cena win his stupid spinner belt from Punk at NoC and then Punk can defeat Cena at SummerSlam and debut a real championship belt. Damn straight!

  • 1919dpg

    Sheamus is a great wrestler. people only hate on him because of wrestlemania and friendship with triple h.

    if your a wrestling fan you should enjoy sheamus’ work since he puts on great matches and isn’t the typical big body builder type.

  • mabry

    Can i day dream a bit???, well, here it goes, what if Cena wins at some point this year, then he faces The Rock at the Royal Rumble and loses the title to him, while Punk goes on to win the RR match, making it, Rock vs Punk in the main event of WRESTLEMANIA, while Cena can face…. well, who cares who Cena faces… This could make The Rumble relevant again, making the winner face the Champ IN THE MAIN EVENT, and in the proces, making the WWE title relevant too!!!…. I doubt it, but one can only dream…

  • Lew

    I dont think we will see rock vs cena till wrestlmania 29 so even if cena wins at night of champions he will probably lose the title before the rumble

  • TheSheepDog

    LOL at all these butthurt fans who expect something different from the wwe?! have you not watched the product in the last 8 years? You moan, yet you still keep watching :) provides great entertainment reading the comments of disgruntlement though

  • Buttercastle

    So then that will mean we will see Rock vs Cena again? Ehhhh I was kinda hoping to see something new with Rock vs CM Punk but

  • Hasan

    OMGGG! Fuck off Sheamus.

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