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Backstage News on Cena’s Recovery & Possible HIAC Role, More

– We noted before that WWE Diva Beth Phoenix was attending this weekend’s New York City Comic-Con but is not advertised. She’s attending as a fan with her boyfriend Edge, who will apparently be appearing but is not on the NYCCC website. Here’s the wrestler line-up for this weekend:

* Dolph Ziggler on Saturday
* Booker T on Saturday
* Vader on Thursday and Saturday
* Angelina Love on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Velvet Sky on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* The Bella Twins on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Brutus Beefcake on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Greg “The Hammer” Valentine on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Tito Santana on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
* Robbie E on Friday
* Kevin Nash and Kelly Kelly will also be appearing

– The latest word on John Cena’s injury is that he’s recovering slowly from the elbow surgery. It remains to be seen if Cena will be ready for Hell In a Cell and may end up being a “down to the wire” decision. It was expected that WWE would have a solid answer on Monday’s RAW but that’s not confirmed.

– One idea that was discussed at RAW this past week was to have Cena be the special referee for CM Punk vs. Ryback at Hell In a Cell, if they have to go with Ryback as the challenger.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Diesel

    To be honest I don’t care for either of them and here’s why:

    While nobody likes to see anybody get hurt, Cena being out of the picture is great news in the sense that it’s a breath of fresh air. He’s won titles, main evented time and time again and would gain NOTHING from it.

    As for Ryback, I’ve got nothing against the guy being over, but like before he came back from his injury he’d only just finished his NXT stuff (as Skip Sheffield) and was a general lacky in the Nexus while guys like Barrett for example worked his ass off. and when Sheffield/Ryback was on the shelf Barrett actually did something more than just squashing jobbers and proved himself to be an upcoming top guy. Yet Reeves comes back off an injury gets repackaged into a generic Goldberg knock off and gets a big push? I’m sorry but the guys done absolutely nothing to prove himself main event worthy, he’s not even won a midcard title or tag title and he’s already automatically thrown into the WWE Title picture ? Why should he be given such an opportunity yet REAL stars & legends like Regal, Owen Hart, Curt Hennig, Davey Boy and so on never got one reign.

    There are pleanty of guys on the WWE roster who could step up and shine but instead they give it to him?

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I personally hope it IS Punk vs. Ryback. Because I can just see it now if it’s Cena. If Cena loses, he’ll pretend to give Punk props on RAW and say “BUT… you beat a one-armed man.” So again, Cena looks like nobody could ever beat him clean. God forbid! But with Punk’s whole respect angle, it’d do a lot of good for his character to be the guy that beats Ryback, ends his little streak. Ryback is not Goldberg, and he’s not gonna do undefeated for a year. Then he’ll get the Goldberg chants even more, and no one will ever give a shit about him or think of him as anything more than a Goldberg clone. I am not a fan, and most likely never will be. But the guy can afford to lose to the WWE champion, then bounce back.

    Say, he loses to Punk at HIAC, then next night on RAW, bounces back by knocking off Miz for the IC title. Boom, the guy’s in the clear. You CAN lose and still be ok. It’s not a sin to have the WWE champion beat you. I think Punk should beat Ryback and Cena should stay the hell off TV. WWE can’t rely on ONE single guy all the time. McMahon told Punk on RAW that the WWE isn’t about ONE single person… well instead of cutting promos saying it, why don’t you actually mean it. Cena needs time off. And it’d be nice to be without him for a while. Punk’s doing fine as champion, and especially with Heyman now, no need to take the belt off him just yet.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    It’s real to me damn it. It’s real to me! (exaggerated cry)

  • eric

    There is nothing fake about pro wrestling. sure winner and loser is pick before hand. the 2 wrestlers wheter it is wwe or any promotion. work together before hand to pratice what moves they are going to do before match take places. but it is not fake. injuries happen all time. droz was really messed up on a running powerbomb at maine house show in 1999 from dlo brown. which was disater and a real shame. droz will never walk again. is in wheelchair for life. owen hart hit reverse tombstone piledriver on austin at summerslam 1997 15 yrs ago. austin said he couldn’t feel anything for 45 seconds. angle had his neck broken from wm19 match with lesnar in 2003. billy kidman hit a shooting star press on chavo in 2004. where chavo was knock out for several minutes. it is not fake. injuries happen all time. As wwe said yes this is entertainment. but risk these men take our great. bodies have been batter. necks broken. careers ended in instance. please don’t try this at home.

  • Statch

    Royal rumble – Rock v Ryback. Calling it (jokes)

  • David

    If its so damn fake what do you two idiots care for one…? For two Wrestlemania isn’t its live don’t talk trash if you can’t back it up. Three since its so fake let’s put you in the ring twice a week and see how long you last before you give up or get someone or yourself injured. It takes technique to do even the basic moves in wrestling. To be a great wrestler you have to deal with pain,know how to wrestle without injuring eachother, be able to cut promos, stay in shape to fight in WWE twice a week atleast and travel everywhere all the time. Its hardr then a lot of people think it is. Me and a few other people used to and it hurts like hell to do even a basic 5-10 minute match. Also Eddie Guerrero was hit by a chair so hard he had blood pouring out his head for as long as me and my friends could even do a match that sucked compared to what him and JBL did to eachother before that shot and after that he got powerbombed by JBL twice if I’m not mistaken but the point is he got powerbombed as hard as some of the few ones I’ve seen in MMA that have stoped the fight. Point is show some respect dude. If you feel that way and obviously don’t know about it then why are you looking at this to begin with? Seriously

  • Boss

    Im with Märzen! MÄRZENREVOLUTION!

  • Banjo

    Yo märzen, dont Listen to them, say whatever u feel bro, i also think that it is Fake, but im Not sure about the Letter dude… MÄRZENREVOLUTION

  • märzen

    *say, Sorry for mistake

  • märzen

    i dont understand u people, im pretty sure that wrestling is Fake, so halfway James or xxx, please proove me wrong, the blood is Real, but the punches And fans are Fake in the Arena, they Pay them to make noise… wrestlemania is also recorded, i heard from some friend..not live.. Everyone can do Fake punches, i could ne a wrestler if i want, but i Would Day it before my match that in real Life we Are Friends

  • HalfwayJames


    You can just go ahead and do the letter yourself, looks like you have this one under control.

  • Men on a Mission

    Take the decision away from Punk and have the fans vote. They will vote in Ryback, and Cena can be an enforcer or an onlooker.

  • Nick

    ryback needs to win

  • xXx

    ^^^ please take this dumbass outta here..

  • märzen

    im just saying, why all
    The hate, go watch the wrestler, they put red colour in their skind to pretend they are bleeding or Wrestling secrets exposed in Youtube.. they should say that they Talk during their scene..we shoul all put together a Letter And send it to shane or Vince macmahon


    yoooooooooooooooou cant see me i am john cena:::::::::moronest dilogue i have heard in my life fu johny boy

  • David

    If cena was put in the match at all would be perfect time for Punk to hurt his arm even more. But that would be the wrong thing to do as that’s not aloud. Punk has been taking it easy on people enough now. Him and Paulie need to put a stable together with Punk,Kassius Ohno(Chris Hero),bring back atleast one of these three. Colt Cabana,Luke Gallows, or Mercury.or if they can’t get any of them to come back just use Ziggler & Bryan?? Bring back Lita or Serena Deeb or even let AJ join and start to wrestle again & give them the Divas title(really would like Lita & Punk like she did with edge) Maybe even Brock Lesnar? Let them take over basicly and ratings would go up like they did For the Four Horsemen & Evolution. They need a new power stable… the let Nexus end way to early then started the Core on Smackdown & Had Nexus on Raw and would have been good if they did things with Core right…WWE always manages to miss out on great talent and storylines.. Bring out TWS= The Wrestling Saints

  • cc

    Doesnt make sense to have Punk vs Ryback at HIAC. Its far too early to have the title on Ryback and as there are no DQs or count outs, that means if Punk wins it breaks Rybacks streak, which could derail his build.

    As Buttercastle said, its better to just let Cena sit it out and heal.
    Just stick someone established as a main eventer against Punk.

  • Buttercastle

    As much as I enjoy watching Cena all the time, he doesn’t HAVE to be part of every main event in some way every time. Let the guy rest so his elbow heals properly.

  • J-J

    Calling it now. Triple threat match with limited involvement from Cena. Cena will take the pin following some cheap shot so Ryback still looks strong, Punk keeps the title & Cena doesn’t lose face.