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Backstage news on Chris Jericho’s WWE contract, if officials approved his NJPW appearance

Chris jericho

We noted before how NJPW announced that Chris Jericho will be working Wrestle Kingdom 12 where he would be competing against Kenny Omega.

This announcement led to a lot of speculations about Jericho’s status with WWE and if his decision to wrestle at NJPW’s equivalent of WrestleMania was approved by the company.

Now Wrestling Observer has revealed that Chris has not been under a contract since his latest stint with WWE ended back in May. It’s noted further that his deal was originally expected to expire in April but he had signed a one-month extension.

Regarding his appearance at several Live Events and a SmackDown Live episode since May, it’s being said that they were all one-off deals and Jericho worked as a free agent for those appearances.

There is no question of approval since he wasn’t under contract, but Observer notes that WWE Officials don’t have any problem with Y2J working for NJPW.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Okay, let me be more specific:
    Vince’s assistant wished him a happy birthday.

    If you think anyone could post something on Vince’s twitter without him having a say in it, though, you’re the gullible one. Vince is a guy who gets pissed off at sneezes because he hates -anything- in his world he can’t control fully, so, while he probably doesn’t post the stuff with his own two hands, I will guarantee it is all personally vetted by him before it gets posted.

    Jericho himself has also confirmed that he spoke to vince about his plans personally before anything was set in stone.

  • pitfallharry219

    Don’t be gullible. Vince has never actually used Twitter.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Vince personally wished him a happy birthday on Twitter, and he’s still listed as an active member of the Smackdown roster. WWE would’ve moved him to alumni if they had a problem.

  • CC

    Eh? How is any of this news? It had been reported at the time that his contract was up and he extended it for a short while. Then during the return on SD, that was also reported as a one off just due to him being local at the time.

    What’s funny though is other sources are saying WWE officials are pissed off, and there is heat backstage between Jericho and HHH because he wanted NXT on his cruise, and was turned down. And this is why he is working with NJPW.